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Mears Connect Removes a Promise from its Operations

Mears Connect Removes a Promise from its Operations
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Now that Disney’s Magic Express has discontinued service, Guests are left to find their own way from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World. One new service many Guests are trying out is Mears Connect. Now, just a month into Mears Connect’s operations, they are making a change in their promised service. Why do you think Mears Connect had to make this change?

Mears Connect

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With Disney’s Magical Express gone, there are a few options for getting to and from the Orlando Airport. You could use a ride share service or a taxi. One of the more fun and economical options is the Sunshine Flyer.

There is even new service offered by Disney for Guests who book a vacation package through them. Disney now offers private transportation to and from Orlando International Airport for a hefty price tag!

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The most well-known and popular options is Mears. If you don’t recall, Mears was the third-party vendor hired by Disney to run the Magical Express. It seems logical that Mears would naturally take over as the main option for Guests looking to get to their Disney Resort.

However, this new service isn’t exactly panning out in the most positive way. In the last few months of Magical Express transportation, things really went downhill. Guests have been complaining that the new service takes too long, makes too many stops, and is in an inconvenient area of the airport. They’ve even raised prices from their original offering!

Changes to promised offerings

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When Mears Connect originally launched their service, the website promised no more than a 20 minute wait from check in to bus departure.

That has not gone according to plan, and Mears Connect has rarely been able to deliver on it. As a result, many Guests have been very unhappy with this new service. Guests have regularly been waiting twice as long as promised, and sometimes even longer.

Mears Connect has now removed the promise of no more than a 20 minute wait from check in to bus departure from their website. The new wording does not mention how long you will wait with this service.

Credit: Maggie

What are your thoughts on Mears Connect removing this promise from their website? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook.

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  1. Took me 3 hours to get from the airport to my hotel using MEARS Connect and I was one of the more fortunate ones. Complete chaos at the pickup point. Took 1 hour on trip back to the airport. AVOID MEARS CONNECT .

  2. Just got home tonight from our two week stay at WDW. We used Mears and the service was great, both coming and going. The location is the same as Magic Express, so that’s exactly what we’re used to. We have no complaints with Mears, and will use them next time we go.

  3. You realize this sounds absolutely ridiculous. Take a look at the huge bonus’s everyone got. You are right about one thing, stuff is going up, but that doesn’t mean quality has to go down – especially for Disney. I knew the 20 min promise from Mears was just a ploy to pull in the business.

  4. Stop the complaining if it’s getting to expensive for you find a new place to vacation everything is going up in price to keep up the prices have to be increased and the the quality of service changes with it have you gone shopping lately the price of food and the quality of clothes have change too but you still buy it so you have to except change because that’s what happening in today world.

  5. The past is not gone at Universal. They have cut nothing from the experience, costs way less than Disney, and the service is impeccable. Why get used to Disney’s nickel and diming and go somewhere who treats you so much better?

  6. I think disney just took magic away got Greedy, pay for everything now, you paid For tranfere to & from airport, now you pay not only to get into the parks but to go on rides pay for those popular rides extra, unless you want to to wait hours for rides in large queues disney is expensive enough to slap on more for families, it’s starting to be a park for the wealthy than all families as walt disney always wanted, a average family just can’t afford to go, & it’s hit overseas families too , time to be the disney walt wanted to be instead a park for the rich

  7. I confused when it says guests are complaining about being in an inconvenient location of the airport. It’s the same place as where magical express was.

  8. I used the service last month and while the bus service itself was fine no wait no issues, I had to make a change to my reservation for my arrival and the customer service on that end was awful. I decided to cancel my arrival reservation because they were just not helpful at all so a little added stress to the start of the trip. Again the departure trip was fine but I’m not planning on using meats for my next trip.

  9. The main reason I have been a regular Disney fan is Service. I was patient during covid but they are becoming like everyone else. More cost snd less service. Makes me want to sell our Disney Vacation club time share. We don’t fly all across the country to get poor service.

  10. Hi I am a driver for Mears and per Disney not Mears those are the only location we are allowed to pick up and drop off, but also it’s a big buss too so maneuvering around a parking lot risk endangering our guests or damaging property. The pick up and drop are bus friendly every thing else is a risk. Uber and Lyft being smaller are also only allowed to drop off at the main entrance per Disney and the reason I know this is because I was a Lyft and Uber driver before driving busses. I’m sorry you had a bad experience but there’s always a reason certain things are done.

  11. We were just at Disney and we took Mears we did not wait long to leave the airport and our pickup time was on schedule. The drop-off and pickup is the same as the magical express use so people quit complaining. It’s a vacation and it’s going to cost you for all the bells and whistles. Times have change make the adjustment to the new ways. The past is gone get use to the changes.

  12. I used it this past weekend. We did not wait at all, however, there were 5 stops on the bus we were on. Fortunately, we were stop 3. We were also staying at Coronado Springs side, but they only stop at Gran Destino Towers and we had to drag our suitcases over to the other side. I did not realize the lobby connects inside so I went a round about way to get there. It was late at night, I was cranky and we were the only ones getting off there. We asked if he could take us to the other side, but unfortunately he said he could not. I am really conflicted about using them again. There were only 2 of us, $16 each so it was about the cost of an Uber. If there were more than 2 of us, we would have Ubered instead. I am thinking they put more guests on one bus to hit that 20 min. wait mark.

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