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It will be even more expensive to purchase Disney World park tickets next year

It will be even more expensive to purchase Disney World park tickets next year
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I know no one is actually surprised by that headline, but let’s break down how much more you can expect to pay for Disney World theme park tickets next year.

Price Increases

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Unfortunately, price increases have become the norm over the last year. They have always been around, but it seems everything is much more expensive in 2021.

At Disney World, we saw price increases for almost everything. From annual passes to food, we are paying more for a Disney vacation. There are some savvy ways to save money like renting DVC points and sharing meals, but some things cannot be avoided.

Ticket Increases

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Disney World theme park ticket discounts can be hard to come by. There are a few offers out there like the Armed Forces Salute, but for the most part you will be paying Disney’s prices to enter its gates.

In 2021, the lowest price you could pay for a one-day one-park ticket was $109. The highest price you could pay for the same ticket type was $159. Those numbers have not changed for 2022.

However, what has changed is how many days cost $109, $159, and everything in between. The number of days that the cost of a ticket is $109 has decreased while the number of days that a ticket costs $159 has increased.

What does this mean?

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This simply means that the average cost of a ticket has increased. The cheapest dates will be found in August and September, which makes sense given how slow it was during those months in 2021.

The most expensive dates will fall around holidays, so be mindful of that when you plan your 2022 trips. Overall, the average cost of a one-day ticket has increased by a few dollars from 2021.

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If you are looking to spend more than one day at Disney World (who isn’t), then you will be pleased to know that the same multi-day discounts still apply in 2022.

Are you visiting Disney World in 2022? What do you think about ticket pricing increases? Join the conversation in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. Interesting that a park that brags about being so woke and sooo much about diversity and how not to act certain ways in their training manual, is pricing the very people they claim to care about right out of the park

  2. Disney is a great place. However my wife and I took are family in November. Went from a $3k budget to spending 5500. Walt created the parks for everyone to enjoy. I’m not hearing a lot of enjoyment these days.
    The place is magical yes. Doesn’t matter how many fancy attractions you make or have. If we can’t afford then profit is a loss all around.

  3. Disney is disappointing. Have no present or future plans to visit. They seem out of touch. Been with universal for many years and I am pleased.

  4. Here’s an idea…Go to Universal…or better yet. Give Dollywood a try…its about 1/3 the cost overall…she starred in “9 to 5′ which was produced by FOX…which fox studios is now owned by Disney..so it’s like an entire park that is inspired by a Disney princess……..stretching?

  5. Trying to be sneaky are they, look we’re not really raising prices, but trying to fool people by increasing the number of higher priced days.

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