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Disney Genie+ Availability Limits are now Released

Disney Genie+ Availability Limits are now Released
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Ready or not, Disney Genie will be available for Guests very soon. Today, Disney shared additional information as to how many Guests can utilize this system each day.

Disney Genie+

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The Disney Genie+ is a paid feature that allows Guests to choose a next available time to arrive at a variety of attractions and experiences using the Lightning Lane entrance.

This sounds a lot like the FastPass+ system that we used to enjoy for FREE. Disney Genie+ will cost $15 per person per day at Disney World and $20 per person per day at Disneyland. Check out when Disney Genie will launch at Walt Disney World HERE.

Lightning Lane Attractions & Restrictions

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What attractions will be included in the Disney Genie+ system? Check out the confirmed attractions for Genie+ HERE. With this paid FastPass system, Guests will only be able to enjoy each listed attraction only one time per day.

As if this wasn’t enough information to take in, Guests can also purchase Individual Lightning Lane attractions which include the more popular headliners for each Theme Park.

Check out the full list of these attractions and even the possible price for these attractions.

Will Disney Genie+ be Limited?

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One question that many Disney Guests had when we first learned of the Disney Genie+ paid system was regarding how many Guests would be allowed to purchase it.

This is a great question that had long been unanswered. The answer to this question would not only affect those Guests entering in the Lightning Lane for select attractions, but this will also affect Guests in the traditional standby line.

Today, reporter Brooke Geiger McDonald shared on Twitter that Disney confirmed that Disney Genie+ will never sell out. That means that as many Disney Guests that are wanting to pay for this service will be welcome to.

The problem with this is that all Guests may purchase this, but not all attractions may be available throughout the entire day. You and your family may purchase Disney Genie+ for the price of $15 each for your day in the Magic Kingdom and only have a few select attractions with Lightning Lane time slots available.

With the current restriction that you may only ride each attraction only one time, this will even limit Guests’ availability to attractions even more.

Disney has confirmed Disney Genie+ will never sell out. That means that as many Disney Guests that are wanting to pay for this service, will be welcome to.

At this time we are still not sure how well received this new system will be. In Disneyland Paris, the prices of their Premier Access (their version of Disney Genie+) have decreased due to low demand.

Credit: Disney

It is also worth noting that Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ will only be available through the My Disney Experience app. Guests will need to make sure that they have the most updated version of this app prior to their Walt Disney World trip.

What do you think of the unlimited purchasing option of Disney Genie+? Will you be purchasing this on your next Disney trip? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. Well it gets even worse. You have to wait 2 hours in between selections and it starts at park open. So if you book your first ride at 7am you can’t get another one til you use your time slot and it’s 11 am or later. So if you don’t get your first ride til mid day you get screwed over and paidb15.00 for shit.

  2. Don’t understand the logic of

    “With the current restriction that you may only ride each attraction only one time, this will even limit Guests’ availability to attractions even more.”

    If you were allowed to ride more than once, wouldn’t that further limit availability to other guests trying to book that particular ride?

  3. So… with Genie+ you could spend an hour on your phone trying to find the earliest lightening Lane window among your priority experiences/rides, being able to select only one at a time, so as to avoid timing yourself out of “day” before you give up, entirely. Then, after using it, you can spend an hour identifying the next… and so on. This does not sound like a stress free vacation, to me.

  4. I think more questions need to be addressed. Things like if I arrive at the parks at 5pm will I be able to see what DG+ rides are still available for the day BEFORE I purchase it?

  5. So if everyone uses it—or even many people—then it loses much of its value as it becomes equivalent to the free Fast Passes we were used to, only limited to one pass at a time (and you can only make the reservation the day of. Talk about worst of both worlds. You are paying for a formerly free fast pass, and you cannot plan ahead. Good luck with dining reservations, shows, etc. it should at least be reserved in advance and free for APs.

  6. I will not pay to get on an attraction faster. But maybe if other people do, standby could be shorter. We already pay a lot for an Annual Pass or even just a regular ticket.

  7. Why would anyone ever buy the Genie + again though if they cannot get the rides they want. I need to be able to ride Soarin and Trst Trsck same day with Genie + or Smugglers and Sinky Dog. No matter what time I choose to arrive at the park. They advertise the Genie as flexible.

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