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Could this signal a change in price for the new Disney Genie+ System?

Could this signal a change in price for the new Disney Genie+ System?

Are you still in shock over the possible prices of the new Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane? Check out how we may see a change in prices for these new services before they even debut.

Disney Genie

Credit: Disney

There is so much to take in with the different levels of Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, and also the Individual Lightning Lane. Be sure to check out Monica’s article where she helps explain each aspect of this new system.

Although the Walt Disney Company has not released a debut date, we have a better estimation when Disney Genie may be available. At this time it appears that Disney Genie will be available later in October 2021 at Walt Disney World. Disney Genie will be available for Disneyland a couple of weeks later.

The Disney Genie is a free system that helps to develop suggested touring plans for your day in the Parks. This will soon be available for use through the My Disney Experience app.

How much will it cost?

Credit: KtP

This is all well and good, but what Disney fans have an issue with is the paid option for this new system known as Disney Genie+.

The Disney Genie+ is a paid feature that allows Guests to choose a next available time to arrive at a variety of attractions and experiences using the Lightning Lane entrance.

This sounds a lot like the FastPass system that we used to enjoy for FREE. Disney Genie+ will cost $15 per person per day at Disney World and $20 per person per day at Disneyland. Even this paid option has a few restrictions, check these out HERE.

There is also Individual Lightning Lane option. This is a paid system priced per person per attraction. You can select up to two headliners per day to ride using this option. At this time, Disney has not yet released the cost of this new Individual Lightning Lane system.

Change in Premier Pricing

Credit: Donna

The first Disney Park to debut this new paid attraction system was Disneyland Paris. The system in place at Disneyland Paris is known as Premier Access, and it first debuted in August 2021. At that time prices for top attraction were £15 and lower level attractions were £8.

We heard reports that Disneyland Paris Guests were not thrilled with this news and purchases for the Premier Access were not well received. I (Donna) had the opportunity to visit Disneyland Paris in September 2021. Lanes were clearly marked for Premier Access, but I never saw Guests utilizing these lanes.

Today, Disneyland Paris has now adjusted the pricing for Premier Access. Top attractions can now be enjoyed at £12 and lower attractions can be enjoyed for £5. Currently, this only applies to off-peak weekdays. Prices will be adjusted in high-peak times and on the weekends.

Today, Disneyland Paris has now adjusted the pricing for Premier Access.

What could this mean for US Parks?

Credit: KtP

What could this mean for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland in California? At this time the Walt Disney Company has not yet announced pricing for the Individual Lightning Lane. This change at Disneyland Paris may based on low interest, and it may help to shape the price for this additional cost.

The Disney Genie has already been modified prior to its debut. We are hoping that the originally cited price of  $15 per person per day at Disney World and $20 per person per day at Disneyland could still be adjusted based on this experience at Disneyland Paris.

At this time, the Walt Disney Company has not announced a change to this system. We are simply hoping that this change at Disneyland Paris may positively affect our Disney Genie and Individual Lightning Lane features.

What do you think of the price adjustment for Premier Access at Disneyland Paris? Do you think you will utilize the paid Genie+ system in the Disney Parks? Do you think we may see a price adjustment for this new system? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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Rodney Wayne Simonson

Saturday 9th of October 2021

Lightning Lanes cannot be compared to FastPasses, and Genie is great, while Genie+ is a rir-off by any comparison.


Friday 8th of October 2021

The comment about paid lightening lane restrooms is not far off. Live Nation for concerts charges for VIP lounge and parking for concerts around the nation, but when you purchase the VIP lounge, you get a better, less crowded restroom. I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen to WDW. I understand if you can afford to get more and want to spend your money, then go for it. However, all this genie and lightening lane is absurd. People could already purchase VIP tours and that’s what people who can afford such line skipping luxuries already do. As someone who has flown, stayed deluxe and enjoyed it immensely, I don’t know when I would be able to do that again considering the cut backs and up charges now. They were planning Genie before covid happened, the board needs to remember some of their shareholders are visitors to and will quit coming. I’ve heard it voiced more than once. They are making a profit and that’s fine. But when is it enough? I’m convinced it’s passholders that keep them going because so many people are not going to vacation there until they get their act together.


Friday 8th of October 2021

I find the whole idea ludicrous. Disney will soon max out affordability for most families. I never thought Disney would become so greedy, but I'm seeing it one and more. Cast members suffer financial cuts and the morale is low. It's not the company it once was.

Teresa Escalante

Thursday 7th of October 2021

I loved Max pass. We had actually let go of our WDW annual passes and started going to Disneyland because of it. I don't like the ride restrictions with the tiered pricing. I was hoping for an overhaul more like Universal. I would pay more, but only if I could ride the rides I wanted to more than once. Silver Dollar City has a trailblazer pass. You pay extra for like 8 passes and you can use them on any rides you want...Including riding the same one 8 times (with the exception of the newest or most popular ride). I would much prefer this kind of paid pass. I'll have to see Genie pans out, but right now, it doesn't appeal to me at all.

Stacey Martella-Ferris

Thursday 7th of October 2021

Even if they lower the price, which I doubt, it's still double dipping and chapek ned to GO.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.