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A Polynesian Resort Activity is Rumored to be Permanently Ending

A Polynesian Resort Activity is Rumored to be Permanently Ending
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Theme parks and Disney Springs are obviously the big draws for guests in Disney World.  However, resort hotels often have some incredible experiences to offer.  One longtime guest favorite is reportedly not coming back to the Polynesian Village Resort.

Refurbishment Recap

Complete guide to Disney's Polynesian Village Resort
Credit: KtP writer Susan: Follow this sign from TTC center to the Polynesian.

Over the past several months we have shared updates on numerous refurbishments at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.  Most recently, we shared an update on refurbishment progress as the third DVC longhouse, Tokelau, partially opened to guests.  Pago Pago was the first DVC building to reopen after the refurbishment in August, while Moorea opened in mid September. 

In addition, the new guest arrival experience has openedThe monorail is accessible at the resort after the platform was rebuilt from scratch and changes were made to the Great Ceremonial House.  Thankfully this is ready as large crowds are expected to descend upon the resort for the 50th Anniversary Celebration.  

complete polynesian guide
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These refurbishments are in addition to the refurbishments of the regular guest rooms.  These rooms now have a Moana theme.  Despite initial skepticism, guest feedback seems to be positive on this update.

Recreation Activity Changes?

Complete guide to Disney Polynesian Village
Credit: KtP writer Susan

After the closure of Disney World due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most recreation activities have been slow to return.  The slow return is due to a variety of reasons that include safety measures and staff shortages.  

Credit: Disney

At the Polynesian and many other resort hotels, fishing excursions around Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon returned early this summer.  At the Polynesian, guests can book these excursions at the Seven Seas Marina. 

In August, pontoon rentals resumed at most resorts with marina access, but the option did not return to the Polynesian. We also have not seen the return of the smaller Sea Raycer boats or the 6-person Montauk boats.  

Credit: KtP Writer Susan

New Developments

In recent days, work has been taking place on and around portions of the dock at Polynesian’s Seven Seas Marina.  In addition, signs have been removed for any boat rentals other than the fishing excursions.  Reports indicate that even though there is some light work being done to the dock, the boat rentals will not return to the Polynesian Village Resort.

Credit: My Disney Experience

Disney has not made an official announcement, but I did do a quick check on locations for boat rentals on My Disney Experience.  As you can see in my screenshot above, the Polynesian Village Resort is not currently listed as an option. 

We can confirm that the pontoon boat rentals are taking place at other Magic Kingdom area resorts such as the Contemporary Resort.  For now, it appears that the boat rentals at the Polynesian are not coming back.  

Credit: KtP Writer Christina

Boat rentals, especially the Sea Raycers, are a popular activity for many guests.  Also going by the name of “Mouse Boats” or “Water Sprites,” these boats were a fun way to explore Walt Disney World’s waterways.

Speculation indicates that maintaining the Sea Raycers had become difficult and may have led to Disney deciding not to bring back rentals.

Credit: KtP Writer Christina

For pontoon boat rentals, guests of the Polynesian would need to visit another area resort like the Grand Floridian.  While that is a viable option, not having the boats at the resort during crowded times may make it difficult to rent at another resort.   

Are Sea Raycers a part of your plans on a Disney trip?  Do you prefer one of the other motorized boat options? Are you upset that this activity may be going away?  Let us know in the comments and on Facebook!

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  1. A CM at one of the marinas told me that all the Sea Raycers were crushed and disposed of. If WDW wants to bring them back, they will need to purchase a brand new fleet.

  2. Joe, I think the most recent price was like $29/30 minutes, right? They are a tradition in my family and all kids look forward to piloting without a heavy parent next to them…..But I guess maintenance was a bigger concern than the alligators or maybe both — I have to admit, When I read your headline I thought this was going to be about the Luau….which by the way I liked the original true Polynesian show more than the latest Disney-fied syrup show, but the performers still rock!

    • Actually $32 for 30 minutes! You are right, it’s a combination of factors. The boats were a great tradition for so many families. I definitely agree about the Luau. The original show was amazing. The current performers are great, as you said, but I’m not fond of the storyline. It will be interesting to see when and how they bring back the show.

  3. We would always rent the boats from Disney springs every visit. It was just part of our Disney experience The pontoon boats we love because you could go at a different pace and just take in the scenery even stop at other hotels just to look.. It was definitely fun! It was also very relaxing kind of a break just to chill a little bit.. Miss it for sure!

  4. No, I think people just rent them to ride them around. I can’t remember which hotel it is, but I think you can rent one and watch the fireworks from it

  5. Honestly just curious; do a lot of people go fishing at Disney? Seems like something that could be done for a lot less money at home. Does Disney do anything special for fishing trips? No haters please, I’m honestly just trying to understand this.

    • Mel for a long time I thought the same thing. Personally I do know 2 families that book a fishing trip for their non-park day of a trip. It must be profitable if Disney continues to offer it I guess!

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