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Disney Shares New Video and Details of the Adorable Newborn White Rhino

Disney Shares New Video and Details of the Adorable Newborn White Rhino
Credit: Disney


So many babies have been born recently at Animal Kingdom. Check out the latest details and pictures of the adorable white rhino here.

Love All the Animals

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

My (Susan) dream job is to care for the precious Disney animals that freely roam at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. For now, I look forward to seeing them on every trip, especially the babies.

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Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The arrival of baby animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park brings joy to so many theme park guests and their animal care team. We were created to be relational, and this includes our fascination and love for animals.

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Babies Born Recently

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Last month, Disney heralded the birth of a healthy western lowland gorilla. Her parents, Azizi and Gino, were so proud!  Then, guests were delighted to spot Azizi and her baby bonding at Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. 

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On July 12, 2021, Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom welcomed a new baby hippo! She was born in the safari river to parents Henry and Tuma, who were paired through Disney’s conservation program. Read about the beautiful hippo’s name reveal.

Rhinos and Pregnancy

Disney Shares New Video and Details of the Adorable Newborn White Rhino
Credit: Disney

Did you know that the majestic rhinos are the world’s second largest land animal?

Rhinoceroses also have one of the longest gestation periods of any mammal, approximately 16 to 18 months. Disney’s animal care team’s veterinarians, scientists and animal keepers kept a close eye on Jao throughout her pregnancy, conducting regular checkups and ultrasounds to ensure a safe birth.

Endangered Species

Credit: Disney

This baby white rhino was born on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. Jao was paired with dad Dugan, the bull of the herd, through one of the Species Survival Plans. This birth is a wonderful milestone for this endangered species.

Disney’s herd continues to grow. This delivery makes the 12th rhino born at Disney. He is the second rhino born in the last year. First-time rhino mom, Lola, is expected to give birth this fall as well.  Check back her for details when Disney announced them.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park Welcomes Baby White Rhino | Walt Disney World
Credit: Disney

In the coming weeks, Jao and baby are expected to join the “crash” (a group of rhinos), in their habitat on the Harambe Wildlife Reserve. Here, park guests can catch a glimpse of the herd on the Kilimanjaro Safaris.

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