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Guests Evacuated off Magic Kingdom Ride Again

Guests Evacuated off Magic Kingdom Ride Again

One ride in Magic Kingdom seems to be having some issues lately. Guests have been evacuated off again, and now the ride has been closed most of the day.


It’s not completely uncommon for Guests to experience evacuations although it can certainly be an inconvenience. PeopleMover experienced evacuations three days in a row last month, and last week we reported Guests on Pirates of the Caribbean had a similar experience.

A boat reportedly became misaligned on the track, which led to the boat being evacuated. Maintenance crews came in to help set the boat back on track correctly.

This no doubt affected the experience for all of the Guests in this boat and all of those setting sail behind this unfortunate sea vessel. Pirates of the Caribbean was temporarily unavailable while maintenance was at work. This attraction reopened with about a 40 minute delay.

New Incident

Issues abounded on Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday, July 9. Technical difficulties led to a long period of waiting before Guests were evacuated by Cast Members.

The ride reopened at 9 am this morning and then quickly temporarily closed a few minutes later. According to the My Disney Experience app, it is back up and running at approximately 1:50 pm.

Is Pirates facing some technical issues or has it just been a rough few weeks for the ride? We will be sure to share any refurbishment news or updates as needed.

What to do if you get stuck on a ride

Have you ever been stuck on a ride at Disney World? Sometimes it can make all your dreams come true. Other times it can be a nightmare. It is vital to stay calm and follow instructions from Cast Members.

Check out more dos and dont’s if you get stuck on a ride.

Have you ever been stuck on Pirates of the Caribbean or another Disney ride? Share your stories with us on Facebook or in the comments below.


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  1. Magic Kingdom is the name of the one in Florida, and that’s on the title. The one in California is Disneyland not Magic Kingdom. It’s common to use just Magic Kingdom when referring to the one in Florida not the whole name, Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

  2. I wonder oif some of it is weight distribution in the boats. The size of some people these days, it can totally mess with how a boat ride performs. Put a couple rotund people in the front row of Spash Mountain and that last plunge will be different than it will be if you put them in the back. I have been in Pirates seveeal times when the boat is listing a bit to one side or the other.

  3. In 2017, my family got stuck on Pirates at the end of the night. They turned all of the lights on and we sat for about 20 minutes, able to see details you cannot in the dark. We completed the ride, still with the lights on, and were able to see so much! It was awesome and we still talk about how cool that was. 100% worth it.

  4. I had The People Mover & Spaceship Earth stall while I was on them, and Pirates broke down as I was waiting in line. Also, the train was down that day, and Dinosaurs broke down a few hours after I rode it.

  5. Stuck on Space Mountain at Disneyland a few years ago. It was awesome ! Had to have each car be released one by one. Lights turned on and you could see all the tracks, amazing! They let us go back on twice when the problem was fixed.

  6. I assume this is the Florida location? It would be nice if you said it was Walt Disney World or Disneyland California.

  7. This is what happens when you are forced to hire people that aren’t qualified to do the work. If you know what I mean, if don’t, you’re probably one of the type we were forced to hire.

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