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Video: Disney World Shares Brand New Commercial for the 50th Anniversary!

Video: Disney World Shares Brand New Commercial for the 50th Anniversary!
Credit: Disney

Disney World has just shared a brand new commercial for its 50th anniversary celebration! There are also a ton of Easter eggs to find! Check it out right here.

Golden Anniversary

Credit: Disney

The celebrations will begin on October 1, 2021 and will run 18 months. That means the special events and entertainment will be over sometime in the spring of 2023 – likely the end of March!

Cinderella Castle is in the process of receiving a full makeover. Crew members painted it during the closure last year, and since then Imagineers have added ribbons, jewels, and special drapery. See the most recent update HERE.

Attractions will also receive touch ups of paint and shimmering gold leaves on signs. Right now, the majority of the work is being done in Fantasyland but crews will likely move on to other areas of the park.

Credit: Disney

We also have a sneak peek of the new costumes Mickey and Minnie will be sporting for the celebrations. Their new outfits features special “ear-idescent” fabric with unique embroidery of Cinderella Castle. Shimmery blues, purples, and gold hues will be featured.

More will be shared in the coming months as we inch closer to October. Check out everything you need to know about the celebrations HERE.

New Commercial

Credit: Disney

In the newest commercial, it starts with Cinderella Castle striking midnight and a special file cabinet drawer named “50th Magic” that releases pixie dust throughout all four parks. It shows what each park icon will look like. You can see a preview for those HERE as well.

“The magic is calling you to the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary celebration, beginning October 1.”

Check out the first commercial below:

Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary | The World's Most Magical Celebration

This is also the first mask-free video Disney World has released in over a year!

Did you catch the 18 magical Easter eggs hidden in the opening scene? When you find them, let us know in the comments below or on Facebook!

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