Home Disney News This highly-anticipated Disney restaurant may finally be opening!

This highly-anticipated Disney restaurant may finally be opening!

This highly-anticipated Disney restaurant may finally be opening!
Credit: Disney

We have been waiting for the opening of this restaurant for a very long time. After many delays, we may finally be closer to an official opening announcement!

Space 220

Credit: Disney

Space 220 is a new table service restaurant, which will be located next to Mission: SPACE. Upon entering the restaurant you will take a special elevator that will take you 220 miles above Earth. You are made to feel like you are docking next to the Centauri Space Station, which is suspended just beyond the orbit of Mission: SPACE. You will be able to enjoy daytime and nighttime views of Earth.

When brought to your seats, you will walk past the grow zone, which is a spinning wall of produce that is meant to mimic the Earth’s gravity. The produce will represent the fresh ingredients used by the culinary team.


Credit: Disney

The Disney World website originally stated winter 2020 as the opening date for Space 220. Now is the part of the article where I share all the delays. Are you ready?

At the end of January, the new rumored opening date was March 30, 2020. Then, we heard a window pane broke, and it would take up to 8 weeks to get a new one. The new rumored opening date became April 6, 2020.

Photo courtesy of d23.com

Then, we felt we had begun to see some type of confirmation that the restaurant would indeed open in April 2020

Now this brings us to our latest update from October 2020. March 2021 became the next targeted opening date, but that timeline clearly came and went without a peep from Disney.

New hope

Credit: Disney

We are seeing concrete evidence that tells us Space 220 may actually open sometime soon! New job listings have been posted for the restaurant including restaurant cashier, host, server, bartender, busser, food runner, and cook.

New job listings could indicate an opening for Space 220.

If you’re interested in working at Space 220, you can apply for any of the positions HERE.

Are we finally inching closer to an opening? When do you think Space 220 will open? Leave us a comment below or on Facebook.

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