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Orlando Airport makes statement about masks after state restrictions are lifted

Orlando Airport makes statement about masks after state restrictions are lifted
Credit: Orlando Airport

The state of Florida has lifted all restrictions and mandates regarding the pandemic. Orlando Airport is speaking out about face coverings requirements in this official statement.

Florida Restrictions Lifted

Governor Ron DeSantis recently announced that the state of Florida would be lifting any and all restrictions and mandates imposed due to the pandemic that began last spring.

The mayor of Orange County, Jerry Demings, also recently announced that the county would be moving to Tier One. In Tier One, social distancing is reduced from six feet down to three feet. This applies to both indoor and outdoor locations.

In Tier Two, when 50% of people ages 16+ are vaccinated, masks are not necessary when outside. Once 70% of people ages 16+ are vaccinated, all restrictions may be lifted.

Orlando Airport

Orlando Airport is continuously busy as so many visitors come to Central Florida. There is never a slow time at the airport, and you can agree with me if you have ever been there! In fact, just a few weeks ago, Spring Break crowds were trying to get on the Magical Express motor coaches, and the line to get on was very long.

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority just sent out an official notice regarding the use of face coverings in the airport. It reads:

My son and I in the Orlando Airport

The federal mask mandate requiring the traveling public to wear face masks or coverings at Orlando International Airport remains in effect. The mandate, which went into effect in February, applies to all modes of federally-regulated public transportation including airports, at security checkpoints and while traveling on commercial flights. 

As the country continues to battle the ongoing public health crisis, the mask mandate was originally set to expire on May 11 but was extended through Sept.13, according to updated guidance issued by the Transportation Security Administration last week.”

What about physical distancing?

sign at MCO, from their website

While the mask mandate is not changing for the airport, physical distancing guidelines are. In response to the Tier One status Orange County has entered, physical distancing in the airport has decreased from six feet down to three feet.

I spoke with a customer service representative from the airport, and she confirmed the markings have been pulled up. New ones will likely be installed soon. You can read more about this news HERE.

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  1. That’s her choice. But her unwillingness to protect herself shouldn’t mandate that I suffer and have to do it for her .

  2. Get rid of masks. Adults can choose to get vaccinated and wear N95 masks if they are in fear. The survival rate is so exceptionally high and vaccines are readily available so it’s time to move on.

  3. Keep masks in airport as you have travelers from all over coming in. It’s the only way to remain safe. Exposure is high in airports due to the amount of people from all over who may not be vaccinated

  4. Remove the requirements to wear masks. Anyone who wants to still can, that would represent freedom. Viruses were not just discovered last year, we’ve been living with them the whole time.

  5. I wont say anything to you about wearing a mask…you dont day anything to me about not wearing a mask…you do you…I’ll do me.

  6. Masks are worthless. It is all about control and virtue signaling. However, It has been useful in identifying the otalitarians among us.

  7. You are indoors with increased capacity. It makes sense to walk back the restrictions slowly. We have come so far. Keeping masks inside in crowds and especially on planes is good. Dropping masks at the airport could cause resistance for folks to wear them on the full planes. You set the tone at the door.

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