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Disney World Makes a Statement Responding to Florida Lifting Restrictions

Disney World Makes a Statement Responding to Florida Lifting Restrictions
Credit: Disney

With the recent news regarding restrictions being lifted in the state of Florida, Disney World is now speaking out about how they intend to move forward. Read on for what they have to say and about the changes in the Sunshine State and at the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Modified Guidelines

The last week or so has been a whirlwind of information regarding guidelines. From recent studies that suggests 6 feet of distancing and temperature screenings are unnecessary to the Biden Administration making changes to mask guidance, it has been a lot to take in.

Over the weekend, the Florida surgeon general even advised that vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks.

Just this morning, the state of Florida announced a lift on all COVID related emergency orders. The Executive Order will be effective July 1, 2021 and will invalidate any existing COVID orders.

DeSantis announced that until July 1, 2021 he will use his executive power to suspend local emergency orders that pertains to COVID. He stated that this is based upon evidence and that those who are continue to police such mandates are stating that they do not believe in the effectiveness of the vaccines. You can read more about this lift HERE.

Disney Responds

With all of these changes and announcements, we have been waiting to see if Disney intends to change any of their operating procedures. This notification popped up on the My Disney Experience app:

“We are aware of the state of Florida’s plans announced today to modify COVID-19 guidelines. We will evaluate this latest guideline and maintain our current health and safety measures at this time, including face covering requirements.

We will continue to to make thoughtful adjustments to our policy. As COVID-19 vaccines become available, we encourage people to get vaccinated.”

While this did not suggest any timeline for when the adjustments may occur, at least they are acknowledging that things are changing. We will be sure to keep you updated when Disney World makes any changing to its health and safety protocols.

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  1. I think what Jack is saying is that if you truly believe that masks protect you from Covid then you wearing a mask should be enough to protect you. Can you back up you claim and produce the research that claims you are protected from Covid-19 specifically by wearing a mask? The true fact is the virus particles are much smaller than that of the fibers of the masks. The vaccine is any where from 92% to 99% effective through research done by John’s Hopkins, CDC, Standford, Israel Ministry of Health. The Surgeon example you have given is called sterile procedure. It is done due to the body cavity being exposed. The skin or protective layer is cut open and the less protective tissue is vulnerable to infection. During this procedure the surgeon and his team are also required to wear gown, gloves, mask, hair and feet coverings. Should we all wear those as well?

  2. Robin:

    Sorry it is you who are wrong.

    First, SCIENCE shows ua that vaccinated people have less chance of catching or spreading the virus than masked people because, while you are correct about droplets, the main spread of this and other viruses is through AEROSOLIZED particles, particles that SCIENCE shows masks will not stop. You apparently did not pay attention to that part of what I wrote. Do you realize that SCIENCE has shown that approximately 60% of those contracting COVID since mask mandates, wore masks? Do you realize that by in large, masked and locked down states fare no better in COVID infections than those states where mask orders have been lifted, sometimes markedly worse? (See Michigan and Pennsylvania for example.)

    If you want to wear a single mask, two masks or five masks that is up to.you. Since I have been vaccinated plus 25 days you can’t hurt me and I can’t hurt you. If you can’t emotionally deal with returning to normalcy I feel very sorry for you, but not sorry enough to continue to alter my life when there is no
    SCIENTIFIC reason to do so. Unless “forced” to wear a mask I do not do so anymore.

  3. You’re actually wrong Jack, masks work best when wore by all AND the moisture droplets which carry the virus are bigger than the weave of cloth and because that are moisture droplets they easily get caught in cloth masks.

  4. Some of us cannot be vaccinated due to health reasons. I think it’s pretty inconsiderate for you to believe people who have received the covid vaccination are far superior than others who have not or can’t.

  5. Tami,

    If you choose to wear a mask that’s up to you, but why do you care who else does or doesn’t? If masks really work then you’re fine. If not, it won’t matter except psychologically. Once again, I remind you that mask fibers are thousandths of an inch apart while aerosolized virus particles are measured in millionths of an
    inch. If you really want to be “safe” I suggest a respirator.

  6. If Disney chooses to keep masks mandatory for as long as they see fit…I support them. I will choose to wear a mask at the Parks in large crowds and in indoor spaces. My choice. If you come to the parks sick, I won’t get whatever you’re spreading.

  7. Joe,

    Nope. I’m saying that, given the latest science, I’M not concerned about COVID. How you choose to react is up to you.. I’m also saying that I can’t give it to you and you can’t give it to me, so dont force me to wear a face diaper to make emotionally and politically driven people feel better. IMO there will NEVER be a complete cure for COVID just as there isn’t for the common cold and flu and other many other such diseases have not been 100% cured so people need to come out of panic mode and live life. Remember, the only disease 100% wiped out by vaccine is Smallpox. You can still get shingles, mumps, measles, rubella, polio, the list goes on!

    One other observation: Anthony Fauci is smart enough to realize that when and if COVID largely goes away, so does he! Think about it!

  8. I agree. Let us that have been vaccinated in park without mask those that aren’t vaccinated stay away.

  9. I have had covid and have the anti bodies now. But due to my medications. Was advised against getting vaccinated by my dr stating my anti notice count is good enough and the shot posses to high of risk. I live in Florida and this heat with mask is about to get real more of a health risk then covid

  10. Ignorance and disinformation like this is part of the reason people are hesitant. The vaccine was already in development back in 2009 with the original SARS. Covid-19 is SARS 2. Read a damn book first before you give your opinion on something you barely even understand. And for the love of God we all hope you didn’t propagate.

  11. I was just there with two 5yr olds. The magic is gone. Many of the good shows did not run. 6ft distancing, get real! Very few if any kept the distance. I saw one woman pass- out wearing the mask. If you are afraid , stay home or wear your non-effective mask. I wore a mask and got Covid. I am over it.

  12. Sandra,

    Just back from a week plus at Disney with temps in the high 80s, low 90s! Masks were no fun. And Disney does NOT allow medical exemptions to its mask policy. In fact, they have a bunch of Mark enforcers, some of whom seem to delight in what I would consider enthusiastic bullying of people who have the temerity to sip a drink through a straw while walking! I actually reported one Dude who looked like a pro football pulling guard for his conduct toward several people, even a youngster in a stroller!

  13. What if you have a skin condition where wearing clothing actually damages your skin?…it’s a real disease.

  14. Deanna,

    Actually people DO get sick from wearing masks for too long and in certain weather and temperature / humidity conditions as well as under conditions of exertion. Case in point: superbly conditioned lady high school.distance runner collapsed at the
    finish line of the 800 meter run. You cannot get sick from your “own breath” however if outside bacteria gets into the mask (which is more likely if the mask is moist, see Florida in the summer!) then yes you could get sick this way.

    As well, disposable masks should NOT be worn for over about 4 to six hours or twice as they cannot be effectively cleaned.

    People with lung or breathing problems are a separate entity. The foregoing refers to people in good health.

  15. You don’t need anything to fly….flew to Florida a month ago and no questions…..last Thursday flew back to Delaware to finalize my move to Florida and nothing then either

  16. As a heath professional, us conversations with a doctor, we agree that the very few who cannot wear them are tiny, and areistly those with a psychiatric issue like OTSD (like being raped with hand over mouth,), or those with very severe breathing issues, who would not be able to go to places like Disney. Those with PTSD are usually people with other issues too, in my experience, talking to them, and they do not wish to be noticed in most cases, as it would bring attention to them, unwanted attention. Do this is a moot point.

  17. I have been to Disney World 4 times this year as we are pass holders living in SC. This past week (90+ degree real feel temps) was absolutely disgusting watching and experiencing the ridiculous under mask sweat dripping from people’s faces. Not to mention masks cause people to touch their face, nose and mouth more than ever (just observe). I do comply with what is asked, but spent most of the days at the Disney resort’s pools which don’t require masks (Covid free zones… ). Time to be done with mask wearing… Exercise, vitamin D (enjoy the sunshine), eat well, stay positive and drink hard!

  18. What about people that cannot wear masks for health reasons. Should Disney as a private business be able to continue to discriminate against asthma sufferers. Maybe they should be allowed to not follow the laws involving the ADA. Or better yet let’s just let all private businesses discriminate on whatever they want to, whether it be race, religion, sex , age. That sounds intelligent. Discrimination against medical conditions is a little bit different than not having a shirt on. I will go ahead and explain it slowly to you. Wearing a shirt is community guide lines, having a medical condition is not

  19. I looked that up, and it turns out to be a lie. The paper didn’t even mention masks, it mentioned pneumonia after viral damage to the lungs. As in, after a flu infection. Given that we know that covid causes long term damage to lungs, you’d think would be a concern for you, but apparently not, you’re more concerned about spreading disinformation that endangers other people.

  20. Yeah. And you can drive sober, but let me make my own decision to drive drunk, because our decisions don’t effect other people, right?

    A lot of people are dead because of other people’s decisions right now.

  21. Sprinkling PIXIE DUST around is NOT going to prevent or curtail the spread of the virus. Whether the vaccine is harmless has yet to be proven pro or con. We DO KNOW that since people have been getting vaccinated it appears the spread has been controlled. People who choose not to get vaccinated should be allowed to live their lives in seclusion as they see fit. Please stay in your FANTASY WORLD..those dreams you have of being so special that YOUR LIFE us the only one that matters exists in ONLY your minds. Please stay off airplanes nobody cares that your flip flops are pink..in the winter in New York…we know you. Please stop wearing your bathing suits on the plane you look stupid. We know that too. It’s time to grow up…go back to work! SINCE you think this whole thing is hocus pocus..get in the office..not stay home and collect bogus unemployment or get phony loans because “everybody else does .

  22. Private company and private land. Just like restaurants with “No shirts. No shoes. No service.” As long as it does not violate anti-discrimination laws they can refuse admittance to anyone they choose. Just like I don’t have the right to walk into your private residence any time I like. Private property is private property regardless if it is a business open to the public.

  23. Amazing that Fauci said masks years ago when this virus had only been discovered at the end of 2019.
    It is true that in March 2020 he said he didn’t believe masks were necessary, but that was before the virus mutated. After that, he’s been consistent on mask wearing. Even now he suggests that only vaccinated people should gather without masks in small groups.
    Perhaps you should look up facts that perhaps don’t coincide with your opinions.

  24. Nowhere in Fauci’a report did he ever say that the Spanish flu of 1918 (more than 100 years ago!) was caused by mask or face coverings. You need to do YOUR research! People don’t get sick from masks. That is an actual fact.

  25. OK BUDDY: Here is an interesting FACT: :To date, smallpox remains the only disease to have been completely eliminated around the world through vaccination efforts.”

    In plain Engludh – there is no such thing as no risk – from anything, disease included! And that doesn’t include getting hit by a bus, lightning, a plane crash and falling in your bathtub so your argument is illogical and emotion driven. I could go on about the mortality rates of things like getting fried by lightning being higher than the present day possibility of dying ftom.COVID 19 but it wouldn’t matter. Hear this: COVID is going to be around forever now, just like the flu and the common cold. If you wish to live a risk-free life you are not only living on the wrong planet but you are asking to become a life form that has yet to be

  26. It is not the short term effects of the vaccine……It is the long term effects 10, 25, 30 years away…..Because the vaccine did not get the usual 5, 6, 8 or so years trial testing before it was labeled safe for the public…..Asbestos was safe to use then it wasn’t safe and now causes cancer……Round up was safe to use then it wasnt and now it is cancer related……Round up makers didn’t tell the truth to the public…..and now there is a farm chemical once considered safe is now linked to some forms of Parkinson’s disease……NOT all companies or government agencies tell the truth !!!!

  27. Simply not true, hippa applies to patients.

    That’s why you’re required by law to sign a release of information BEFORE your even rendered health care.

    Masks are stupid…Faucci even said it years ago.

    It was his research that found one of the biggest killers during the Spanish flu was Pneumonia caused by excessive wearing of cloth face coverings.

    Look it up, facts are facts.

  28. IM GOING JULY 12TH. They pull any vaccination passport BS on me and my family I’ll sue them for “VACCINATION RACISM “ these liberal policies will be met FIRE BY FIRE!

  29. So..wear YOUR mask but 0lease let me make my own decisions! I had covid and I have been vaccinated. I don’t need to wear a mask and anyone who forces me to do so will lose my business. Period.

  30. if the cuise industry is requiring staff to be 98% vaccinated and patrons 95% vaccinated which includes the disney boats, then showing proof of vaccine should not be a problem to enter the parks, for those who wish not to get vaccinated then that should be left up to them and stop punnishing the ones who did get the vaccine.

  31. You know what if your unvaccinated then you are willing to take the risk so why should that matter. No difference if you choose to smoke. The studies out there which have been peer reviewed and published, including one from the US CDC show that after vaccination that your chances of passing the virus to others is almost 0. I think we start moving forward and get rid of the rediculoysness. If Disney doesnt want to we can spend our money elsewhere. Although limiting the crowds is nice for other reasons.

  32. Being vaccinated does not mean that you are safe from the virus or that you can’t spread it. All it does is lessen the symptoms of the virus. It means you’ll be less likely to go to the hospital and die from it. It doesn’t make you invincible. Also there are soooo many more studies that show mask work. If they didn’t a surgeon would not wear one or any other medical staff that would need to wear one. Don’t just pick the very very few studies that say opposite to fit your agenda. Clearly you NEVER learned/paid attention in biology and science class.

  33. And thankfully your not the government because what your saying is that even if you can’t take the vaccine due to allergic reactions to an experimental drug that you can’t live your life freely? That’s a dictatorship and discrimination based on your health and your health choices. This is why I’m leaving commie California and moving to the freedom state where vaccine passports are not allowed by even private businesses including Disney

  34. And that’s the whole problem. You shouldn’t be wearing a mask in the first place, but now you willing to give up freedoms to not wear what was illegally forced on you.

  35. Agreed. I believe if the Governor, in any state, lifts the mandate in the state; it should be lifted throughout, not some businesses have their own mandate and others do not. If it’s lifted; it’s lifted, period. It’s time to do away with the masks, Summer is here, too hot for masks and kids, especially very young ones, can not tolerate them for long periods of time. Stop being afraid and get back to living life.

  36. They should bag all these restrictions and make everyone show evidence of vaccination. Let the ones who wont comply stay home.

  37. No one is making you do it thats why it’s not HIPAA violation. If you don’t want to give it don’t go it simple just expect to never be a part of society again.

  38. More actual science:

    “More studies have been coming out, declaring that the risk of transmission of the virus is pretty much the same at three feet, six feet, or sixty feet. Both the government and most of the media have been doing their level best to ignore the findings of researchers saying that cloth face masks are essentially useless
    in protecting uninfected people.”

    The studies refrenced are peer reviewed studies by MIT and Stanford among others. Once again, I personally don’t care if you want to wear 5 masks. Vaccinated or not, mask or not, SCIENCE shows that since I am vaccinated I will not harm you or myself so dont mandate that I do something just so you can emotionally feel better.

  39. I’m not following any science that labels this vaccine as emergency use only. It has not been approved by the FDA and it’s one giant human lab experiment. No thanks for a virus with 99.7 % overall cure rate.

  40. Umm….HIPPA Only applies to health care providers and insurance companies…not citizens or private companies, employers, private non medical organizations. Aka; The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

  41. It may be a free Country, but that doesn’t mean private industry has to allow those choosing not to be vaccinated into their place of business. Just like in my home state, you can not teach in the public schools unless you get an annual FLU shot. You do not have to grt it, but you can’t work for the school board…simple as that. If thos not wanting to get vacinated choose that, well, so be it, but as a vacinated person, I believe it prudent for large venues, particularly those indoor, to mandate vacinations. It increases safety, and it will get them fully back to business sooner. Free Country right…

  42. “It is against HIPPA to make someone prove to a private institution you received any medical procedure.”

    Tell that to those politicians pushing “Vaccine Passports!”

    Actually while I’m totally against the passport idea I’d have no problems VOLUNTARILY showing my vaccination card to any establishment that will allow me to not wear a mask!

  43. So you’re saying that one HAS to be vaccinated to visit Disney World……I thought this was a free country?

  44. I, for one, cannot wait until we do t have to wear masks at all, anywhere! But I think Disney is doing the right thing, considering they have people from all over coming to visit. Maybe they will lift their restrictions, maybe they won’t. If yiu don’t like it, then you don’t have to go. All of you complaining about the mask policy, will be the first one complaining and wanting tonsur if you catch Covid while at Disney!

  45. Incorrect. The number by the CDC was 55% but just recently changed to 70% just last week. 85% could be the number later but everyone should be entitled to the on medical choices or has that changed as well?

  46. Waiting to take my niece to Disney but refuse to put a mask on her and i know several others feel the same. You guys are losing money over something that does absolutely nothing for u. Follow your governor !!

  47. Come on Disney remove your Mask policy. Follow your presidents orders and start lifting it,
    Or make your guest show proof of the vaccine.

  48. It is no big deal to wear a mask indoors for shopping trillions etc. Grow up! Masks should not be needed outside unless there is a big crowd. If WDW goes to full capacity with no masks it is a disaster waiting to happen.

  49. Well I think having the the reservations are great,
    And maybe up the amount of people that can come In with reservations, get rid of the masks . And keep the other stuff if you feel you need to till the end of the year . I mean there are a lot of people who go threw Disney. .in the long run we are moving in the right direction. But we all want to be safe . Remember we don’t want this to come back . And every one should get vaccinated

  50. In February the President of India bragged that his country had put the covid 19 behind them . He opened up the country,& people returned to their normal lives & once again went to festivals and weddings. Then the variant came roaring in & now they are burning bodies because cemeteries are full, running out of oxygen & hospitals are overwhelmed. Keep treating this pandemic as a hoax.. I have lost family and friends to it. NOT A JOKE! This variant is in all 50 states & the ages affected are younger. Good for Disney where people come from NOT ONLY from all over the US & but the WORLD to try & keep people safe!

  51. Exactly right if you continue to wear masks it’s basically saying the vaccine doesn’t work. Masks are not effective even the CDC admitted that they weren’t going to be preventive in the COVID virus. This is all baloney.

  52. You are absolutely wrong about the 3 month expiration. What the studies showed was that the immunity was robust for at least 3 months (the longest anyone had been vaccinated at the time). Immunologists expect it to actually remain very effective long afterwards.
    The vaccine is a lifeboat of protection against hospitalization and death. The only people hospitalized or dying now are the unvaccinated.

  53. I think people who refuse to wear masks don’t care about themselves or others. If we say people who have been vaccinated don’t have to wear masks then just exactly how do you know who has and who hasn’t. Are you just going to take peoples word when they say, “I have been vaccinated” ?? Surely not. Has there been something come out that makes people unable to lie. Why would you want to put all the people like me who have chronic breathing issues at danger. Now I’ve had my vaccination and I still wear a mask but am not still totally sure I won’t get sick. I have been told by 3 doctors that if I catch it I won’t be able to fight it. I know I as well as lots and lots and lots of people aren’t quite ready to leave this world even though the next one will make us wonder why we wanted to stay here so long. Please at least unvaccinated people keep wearing masks until millions more people including yourself get vaccinated and folks we aren’t even half way there. I know you’re probably thinking, “ if you’re so worried stay home” well guess what but for Dr. visits I have been home for over a year and a half. Please make it possible for me to get out at least a little bit.
    Think about others and stay safe yourself!!

  54. “Dr. DeSantis” strikes again. He needs to read the research. 85% of the population needs to be vaccinated before restrictions can be lifted. Disney is much smarter than “Dr. DeSantis”.

  55. If you believe that there has been no exposure to covid at WDW…you may be seriously living in fantasyland! With or without a mask, vaccinated or unvaccinated, 6ft or 3ft social distancing…none of it matters! Take some zinc, vitamin c, and get some sunshine…the mass majority will be fine! As for Disney, they are working on attracting a new clientele since they have severely angered many of their formally faithful patrons. It will never be the same again and they will suffer for going with the crowd. Disney no longer stands out…it is just another theme park!

  56. There wasn’t a Covid disaster because city governments and businesses overall still did the right thing despite what DeSantis said.

  57. Im not gonna get vaccinated and the vaccine may only be good for 3 months anyway. I think we all need to wear them indoors until covid is at an all time low worldwide but PLEASE no masks outdoors! Thats just ridiculous and makes no sense!

  58. Desantis was excoriated for opening up Florida and a COVID disaster was predicted. That was months ago. Let me know when it happens please? In the meantime, more and more people are being vaccinated making it even safer to be out and about, especially outdoors. No one is stopping anyone from.wearing a mask. If people want to wear masks it’s their choice. If they dont want to that is their choice as well.

  59. I think Disney is always going to go above and beyond what is required. If they follow DeSantis and there is a major outbreak at WDW, nobody will blame DeSantis, they will skewer Disney.

  60. Viruses are measured in billionths of an inch. Mask thread gaps are measured in thousandths of an inch. Masks are not effective against aerosolized viruses which science says, is the main way viruses are spread. In other words, masks dont work unless you are talking droplets.

    Second, if unvaccinated people dont want to wear masks they only hurt themselves and those like them. Vaccinated people plus 14 days almost literally cannot hurt / infect themselves or others. It’s their choice. If you want to be as safe as possible, and there is no such thing as no risk in anything, either get vaccinated or stay home.

  61. I think DeSantis is more worried about the touism trade than people’s health and safety. People who do not want to be vaccinated are not going to wear a mask if they do not have to wer one. I think more people will be at risk. Hopefully WDW realizes this.

  62. The executives at Disney aren’t acknowledging anything. WDW be glad to end temp screenings since Biden Adm. announced as a waste of time because it’s costing WDW money to pay health care people. This has been the biggest mockery. If you choose not to be vaccinated , wear a mask.
    WDW certainly isnt following the SCIENCE if they continue with masks.

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