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Florida Surgeon General says vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask anywhere

Florida Surgeon General says vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask anywhere
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The Florida Department of Health recently released a public health advisory addressing mask requirements for fully vaccinated people that significantly differs from prior safety practices. But will Disney World adapt this new recommendation?

Health and Safety in Disney World

Walt Disney World has been operating with several health and safety protocols in order to keep Guests and Cast Members healthy and safe.

When visiting Walt Disney World, you can expect to have your temperature taken before entering Theme Parks and most restaurants. You will also see guidelines and floor markings to help you maintain 6 feet of distance from other Guests.

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Guests and Disney World Cast Members must wear face coverings at all times in Walt Disney World. The only exception to this rule is that they may be removed when eating or drinking, swimming, and now when taking an outdoor photo.

New recommendations for safety

There have been several new guidelines released regarding staying healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Among them, the distancing recommendation of 6 feet has been lowered to 3 feet.

Temperature checks have also been deemed “a waste of resources” and are no longer considered necessary in Florida.

Can you skip the face mask in Disney World if you have been vaccinated?

Additionally, advisories are now being released regarding the use of face coverings in fully vaccinated people.

Florida’s Public Health Advisory

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Scott Rivkees has issued a Public Health Advisory which included language about fully vaccinated individuals and mask use.

Due to COVID-19 widespread vaccine availability, fully vaccinated individuals should no longer be advised to wear face coverings or avoid social and recreational gatherings except in limited circumstances.

Dr. Scott Rivkees, Florida Department of Health

Rivkees goes on to state in the advisory “restrictions on individuals, with no end in sight…pose a risk of adverse and unintended consequences.”

So what does this mean for Disney World?

It is too soon to say, but it does sound as though there will be some changes in the health and safety protocols soon. As of now, Disney has not made a statement on whether or not they will continue to require face coverings for fully vaccinated individuals.

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  1. The won’t know. DeSantis has banned private businesses from asking / requiring, and the legislature is in the process of codifying it. He’ll sign it.

  2. And when the vaccines wear off in 3 months? They have no idea how long the vaccines last. My dr admitted that yesterday. Plus the fact there are a lot of different strains. People think vaccines are gonna save us all and just because you are vaccinated you can do anything you want. People with vaccines are getting covid. We are gonna need masks inside for a long time. No need for them outside. Im pretty sure Disney isnt going to turn you away for not having a vaccine and they arent gonna police everyone trying to figure out who is vaccinated and who isnt. They dont ask you for shot records before entering their parks!

  3. How do you know who’s vaccinated. Would there be some kind of sticker on there magic band or room key. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to pull out the card that has the info on it all the time. And you have to make sure it’s not a counterfeit card. I would be okay with not wearing a mask since I’m vaccinated.

  4. My guess is that Disney will continue to require masks, possibly until the end of the year, they have said as much. Disney has gone to great lengths to make people feel safe in their parks. Disney knows they won’t be able to please everyone, and they will error on the side of safety for their employees and guests. The last thing they want is to have an outbreak connected to them. Regardless of people’s personal feelings, Disney parks are private property and will do what is best for them as a company.

  5. And does the Surgeon general really think that people who have not been vaccinated will continue to wear a mask? How do you know who has and who has not received the vaccina?

  6. Umm we are not in a communist country! No one is going to make me get a shot that I dont trust! If they do that then people are gonna get fake vaccination cards. I can see it now..lol

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