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Need to purchase a reusable shopping bag from Disney World? It will now cost you more.

Need to purchase a reusable shopping bag from Disney World? It will now cost you more.
Credit: Disney

After a decrease in the price of Disney reusable bags last summer, they have increased in price again. Check out the new pricing here.

Reusable bags

Is there anyone who comes home from a Disney vacation without a reusable bag? I know I come home with at least two in every size! They are perfect for carrying extra souvenirs home on the airplane that don’t fit in your luggage. You can grab one to hold your wet or dirty laundry while you’re staying at Disney. The possibilities for a reusable bag are endless.

These bags are great because not only are there several purposes for them, but they also reduce the amount of plastic circulating around our environment. It is part of Disney’s commitment to providing a more eco-friendly experience.

In recent years, Disney has also done away with plastic straws. At the end of March, Disney also announced reusable cutlery will make its way to The Walt Disney World Resort in an effort to reduce waste.

Price Increase

Credit: Disney

Last summer, Disney decreased the prices of these amazing bags. Previously, they were based on size and could cost you up to $3 for the large bag. Beginning back in July of 2020, the small, medium, and large bags only cost $1.00/bag.

Unfortunately, the pricing of these bags has now increased back to its original pricing. As of today, April 10, the pricing is as follows:

Small bag: $2.00

Medium bag: $2.50

Large bag: $3.00

The small bags have doubled in price while the large bags have now tripled. As a reminder, you can purchase these at almost any cash register at Disney, but you cannot use discounts for these bags.

What do you think of the price increase? Will you continue to buy the reusable bags? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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  1. I went to the Disney Outlet store here in VA and they refused to give me a free bag and pushed me to buy one. So I asked please put my merchandise in the Lego Store bag I already had that the Lego store gave me for free. They then made an announcement that a customer was going out with purchase in a Lego bag. Like I was trying to steal something? Didn’t appreciate that I was being shamed for not purchasing their reusable bag.

  2. Well at home goods you can buy the really large ones for a buck. If disney really wants me to be “green” then sell the bags for a buck……otherwise I will keep asking the for free bags.

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