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Walt Disney World Guest arrested for refusing to comply with rules

Walt Disney World Guest arrested for refusing to comply with rules

Does paying big bucks for a Walt Disney World vacation entitle you to break the rules? One Walt Disney World Guest seems to think so! You’ll never believe why one Guest thought he was entitled to skip out on some health and safety protocols.

No right, no wrong, no rules for me…

Photo credit: Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel

Recently, one Disney World Guest thought he could test the limits of Disney’s health and safety protocols by refusing to comply with a temperature screening.

Kelly Sills, 47 of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was caught skipping the temperature screening tent in Disney Springs.

Authorities confronted Sills outside The Boathouse Restaurant after he skipped the temperature screening tent.

Sills refused to go back to have his temperature screened and then refused to leave the property when asked by Disney and the sheriff’s office.

Sills had one big reason why he thought you should be exempt from this important health and safety protocol.

As Sills was being handcuffed, he stated:

“I paid $15,000. You can’t trespass me for paying $15,000. If I take $15,000 from you, I can’t kick you out… Bring me to jail for $15,000 grand, I’m fine… In front of my kids, too, at Disney World.”

Orlando Sentinel

As officers escorted Sills from the property, he seemed to have a change of heart. He pleaded with them to allow him to have his temperature screened, after all.

Sills was arrested and trespassed from all Disney property.

Testing the limits

Sills is among a handful of other Guests who thought they could avoid complying with Disney’s strict health and safety protocols.

Recently, we learned of the horrible treatment some Cast Members had from Guests who did not want to follow masking rules, such as being spit on and assaulted.

It seems every few weeks, we hear stories about Guests refusing to wear a mask for varying reasons.

For now, if you want to visit Disney World, you will have to comply with the health and safety protocols that are in place to protect Cast Members and other Guests.

Disney is calling more Cast Members back to work!
Credit: Disney

Do you think paying a lot of money for a Disney vacation entitles you to break the rules? Share your thoughts with us on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook page, or join our crew and continue the discussion!

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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Lennie Chapman

Saturday 3rd of April 2021

very simple ... Their property - their rules. Notice that you can't smoke anywhere in the parks now? No one is above the guidelines and rules set by owners anywhere.


Saturday 3rd of April 2021

I agree with the don’t go if you can’t follow the rules. Private companies are permitted to establish whatever rules they want. Some of you need to remember that though... if you’re going to agree with this rule you should be in agreement with any rule a private business makes. Your opinion, just like in this scenario, shouldn’t matter. Now the topic itself on masks and distancing is completely ridiculous and needs to be lifted. Sorry if you disagree - you’ve just bought in to the hysteria. Less than 10% of the population has been infected and the same amount of deaths occurred as in any normal year from illnesses. Problem is none of the normal causes of deaths seemed to exist... they were replaced with “Covid”. Yes I had covid, so did my entire family. No symptoms other than a minor cough. And no we weren’t “lucky”. That was the overwhelming norm. It’s time to go back to normal and stop living in politically motivated fear. Disagree all you want... you’re just blind to reality.

Shirley Young

Saturday 3rd of April 2021

I absolutely agree with Disney!!! If you don’t follow the rules you get trespassed and go to jail. You can’t buy your way out. It doesn’t matter how much you spent you have to follow the rules. I say “Well done Disney and Orange County Sheriff”

James Davis

Friday 2nd of April 2021

Way to go 15,000$ does not make you a human being and covid -19 definitely doesn't care just follow the rules it's always best for everyone including your family God bless.

Neira Machado

Friday 2nd of April 2021

Don’t be a Karen to break the rules !!

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