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Disney Cast Members are assaulted by Guests not following the mask rules

Disney Cast Members are assaulted by Guests not following the mask rules
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Recent police reports point to abuse against Disney World Cast Members enforcing health and safety protocols. Read some of the stories below.

Health and Safety Standards at Disney

It’s no secret there are new health and safety protocols in place at Disney World. Thankfully, Disney World was able to reopen last summer after implementing temperature screenings, physical distancing, mask wearing, and more to ensure a safe environment for Guests and Cast Members alike.

There is absolutely no way a Guest planning a vacation does not know about these protocols. What to expect is posted all over the Disney website, in special emails sent to those Guests with tickets or reservations, and on signs throughout Disney World property.

However, not everyone wants to follow the rules.

Police Reports

Recent police reports point to abuse against Cast Members who are trying to enforce these health and safety protocols.

According to Orlando Sentinel, Guests have confronted Cast Members who ask them to comply with proper mask wearing – spitting, yelling, and pushing are a few of the ways Cast Members are physically or verbally assaulted.

A security guard asked a Guest to put his mask on before entering the Contemporary Resort. The man demanded to be left alone and then spat on the security guard’s face.

One employee’s job involved monitoring mask compliance at a Disney Springs parking garage. “I cried the first week I started. It was not a good time at all. Imagine going to work every single day where people ridicule you.

How heartbreaking.

The employee also said one Guest got in her face and cursed her out. She feared the angry Guest would have punched her had her supervisor not been present.

On another occasion, a drunken man threatened to kill an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy when a Reedy Creek Firefighter asked him to step back and put a mask on. This took place while the fire department was helping the man’s wife at the Dolphin Hotel lobby.

The man also struggled with an officer and pulled the gun from his duty belt. He was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence and disorderly intoxication.

According to police records, he has plead not guilty.

Cast Members Deserve Respect

These are just a few of the many stories involving confrontations between Guests and Cast Members. Andrea Finger, a Disney spokesperson, said most of the visitors who visit Disney World are supportive of the safety rules.

“Millions of guests visit our theme parks each year, and in rare instances when things of this nature occur, we hold them accountable,” Finger said in a statement.

Many of us agree that no matter how we feel about the health and safety protocols in place, Disney World Cast Members deserve respect. There is absolutely no reason to verbally or physically assault someone for any reason. It’s important to remember Cast Members did not make these rules. If you feel you cannot properly follow the rules in place, please stay home.

Be sure to thank and show your appreciation for the Disney Cast Members and all they do so you can have a magical vacation.

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  1. Tammi, I don’t know you and you don’t know me but I am sorry that you were bullied. No one deserves that and you are entitled to your opinion and should be respected for it. And you have the right to be protective of your health. Respectfully, Lois

  2. I just almost cannot bring myself to comment. I am beyond saddened to think that someone would assault another person, much less at Disney. I have to agree with others here, if you have a problem with a cast member (which statistics wise I would guess is a low occurrence), then make a report. Remember, these people are just enforcing rules. If you can’t live by the rules, stay home. We come into contact with hundreds of cast members on a typical day at Disney. Those same cast members are coming into contact with thousands of people. I’d be willing to bet my next paycheck that there are far more rude visitors than there are cast members. I, myself, am exceedingly glad to see the cast members at Disney, and many go out of their way to make peoples’ day magical.

  3. I agree that some common sense should apply, but that goes for both sides. And even in the case of an over-zealous cast member, they still don’t deserve to be verbally or physically assaulted. If they are being over the top, a complaint can always be filed – the behavior described in this article is unacceptable regardless of the situation, IMHO.

  4. Wow! That is horrible. Whether people agree with the mask policy or not, cast members always should be treated with respect. I hope that anyone who is caught mistreating a cast member is immediately ejected from the premises and banned for life.

  5. I think a lot is in how the cast members conduct themselves as well. We were there last October and one CM at AK was harassing people sitting outside and drinking water that in between sips we should put our masks back on. One mother was nursing her baby and had briefly taken hers off to get the baby calm and that same CM ran over to yell at the mom. Use some common sense and judgment in the situation. That Mom was already stressed. We were just taking a break and no one was anywhere near us. We were drinking and eating a snack. But that attitude really ruined our day.

  6. This was tough to see last September. Many people just did not want to comply with policy, and were really belligerent when cast members tried to enforce the rules. It was heartbreaking.

  7. This is disgusting behavior. Anyone that behaves in this manner should be banned from the Disney properties and parks.

  8. Everybody deserves respect. I can’t imagine being assaulted like this in person. I was verbally assaulted on this blog when I said that I was happy and felt more comfortable with the new mask rule for dining at WDW. Somebody called me names and it made me really upset and that was just on a blog.

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