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New Physical Distancing Requirements at Disney World for Large Groups of People

New Physical Distancing Requirements at Disney World for Large Groups of People
Credit: Disney

Disney World is changing the physical distancing requirements for large groups of people. See the new guidelines below.

Physical Distancing at Disney World

Disney World is taking the health and safety of Cast Members and Guests very seriously. They have implemented several strategies to keep Guests spread out throughout the parks and resorts.

Signs and ground markings indicate where to stand and what direction to follow in common areas. This is particularly helpful in queue lines, especially when the line is not consistently moving.

Physical barriers help promote proper separation between people. There are plastic or plexiglass dividers on several attractions, in queue lines, and on transportation vehicles. Cash registers and other areas also have barriers.

There has definitely been some controversy surrounding the barriers on attractions. For example, the soft plastic dividers on Kilimanjaro Safari and Living with the Land offer a warped view if looking directly out of them. Other times, it doesn’t affect the experience that much. You can read all about how the pandemic has changed the Guest experience HERE.

Physical Distancing for Large Groups of People

Disney is now taking additional measures for physical distancing with large groups of people. From the Disney website:

Guests traveling in parties of more than 10 are asked to split into smaller groups in queues, dining locations, and other areas around our parks and resorts to better allow for physical distancing.

In other words, if you’re traveling to Disney with 10 or more people expect to be split up while waiting to board attractions. Additionally, your group will be expected to sit at separate tables.

It will be interesting to see if Disney places more Cast Members in attraction queues to make sure people are following these requirements. I see this being enforced at restaurants.

What do you think of these changes? Are you traveling with a large group of people to Disney? How will this impact your trip? Let us know on Facebook.


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  1. I think it’s ridiculous. I travel with friends and they have six and we have 5. This getting way out of hand no get the precautions are necessary but if your group stays together then it should be allowed in restaurants. We have a wedding planned for 2022 let’s hope things are better by then or we will
    Be forced to cancel for the 4th time

  2. Our January 8 to 16 trip was wonderful thanks to the well-thought safety precautions. It was encouraging and comforting to know and SEE that Disney considers healthy guests a priority. Thank you to the cast members helping to keep the magic alive, despite current challenges!

  3. I was down there from January 17-22nd and I loved all of their safety precautions and the fact that they were enforcing them. Anything they can do to keep people safe I’m for. Kudos to disney for what they have done. I was amazed.

  4. So I have a family of 5 and my friend who also has a family of 5 usually meets us on our trips. So now we can’t go on rides together or dine together even though we are only 2 house holds, because we equal 10? Dumb. We have a vaccine and most places are relaxing restrictions while they are making them stricter? I hope Disney comes to their senses bacause I won’t be back until they do

  5. I couldn’t agree more. They have completely changed the experience and with no change in price point. It’s beyond sad and disappointing. They need to start bringing back some perks (fast passes, entertainment, character meet and greets, etc. ) and stop with the added restrictions. All these added restrictions are doing is make people not want to go.

  6. I think it’s crazy and all of these precautions have completely changed the entire WDW experience. It’s so disappointing and saddening to constantly read all of these “new” and “updated” so called safety precautions. Makes me seriously reconsider our trip planned for Sept 2021 which we’ve already rescheduled three times since the pandemic began. I find it very disheartening

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