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How Many Parks Can You Now Hop In One Day?

How Many Parks Can You Now Hop In One Day?

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2021 is already off to a great start with the return of Park Hopping at Walt Disney World. With the first full day of Park Hopping well underway, we are excited to hear how many Parks can be experienced in a single day.

Return of Park Hopping

In November, we were overjoyed that Park Hopping would be returning on January 1, 2021. Many enjoyed the flexibility of the Park Hopper to be able to enjoy multiple Parks in a single day. Unfortunately, Park Hopping was not included with the phased reopening of Walt Disney World.

To enjoy the new Park Hop option, Guests must have a must have a valid ticket or pass with park hopper benefits. A Park Reservation will need to be made for the first Park that they will be visiting. You can read for a full guide of this new Park Hop feature HERE.

Park Hop Hours begin at 2 pm each day and will end at the park’s scheduled closing time. Transportation is now provided to transport Guests to other Theme Parks, but first Cast Members must confirm that Guests have an eligible ticket to Park Hop.

Park HOurs begin at 2pm each day.

Check For Park Availability

Guests may call the Park Hotline number to check for Park availability. This is very helpful to make sure that you will be able to gain access into the Park you hoping to Park Hop to next.

With Park capacity at 35%, many wondered if they would be able to gain access to another Park in the same day. We have GREAT news for you.

Park Hopping to the Max

Today was the first day of Park Hopping, and we were so encouraged to hear from many Crew members that they were able to Park Hop to multiple Parks. Some Crew members made it to 2 Parks, some 3, and some Crew members made it to ALL 4 THEME PARKS.

Some pirate crew members were successfully able to Park hop to all 4 theme parks today!

This is of course based upon current Park availability, but we are hoping that this Park Hopping success will continue.

What do you think about the new Park Hopping procedure? Do you think Guests will continue to be able to Park Hop around all 4 Disney Parks once again? Do you and your family enjoy Park Hopping around Disney? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.