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Check out these Four Magic Kingdom Rides Closed and Opening Dates

Check out these Four Magic Kingdom Rides Closed and Opening Dates
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If you’re planning to visit Disney World in this week, check out which attractions will be closed. We also share reopening dates!

Are you celebrating New Years at Disney World? Please plan accordingly as some attractions won’t be open during your visit.

Walt Disney Railroad

Four Magic Kingdom Rides Closed
Credit: Susan

We reported the Magic Kingdom Railroad system closing in December 2018 due to TRON Lightcycle Run construction in Tomorrowland. At that time, the Railroads were planned to resume in October 2020.

Four Magic Kingdom Rides Closed
Credit: Susan

The Railroad refurbishment was extended through January 2, 2021 on Disney’s website for some time.

However, the Disney World railroad remains closed.

Credit: Susan

The TRON Coaster construction progress will greatly determine when it reopens. At this time, TRON is still slated to open sometime during Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary in 2021.

There are rumors of an October 2021 TRON Coaster opening.

Keep an eye on Kenny the Pirate Blog for updates. Also, Character Locator shows all ride refurbishments, meals, and touring plans!


Credit: KtP

After shutting down for 4 months this spring, Disney World reopened in July. Unfortunately, the PeopleMover attraction remained closed since that time. Since then, it has received several extensions on its refurbishment.

PeopleMover is a ten minute elevated ride that allows guests to embark on a journey through parts of Tomorrowland. The views can be absolutely stunning, especially at night. My favorite ride on the PeopleMover was traveling through Space Mountain with the lights on! It looked like huge intertwined gray metal everywhere. I will never put my hands up on the ride again – everything looked so close!

magic kingdom rides closed
Credit: Susan Check out my PeopleMover photo of Space Mountain lights on.

In Magic Kingdom, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover is one of the longest recent attraction refurbishments. We’re unsure if TRON construction, repairing the magnetic track, or something completely different is causing this lengthy refurbishment.

Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island

Credit: Disney

Guests board an authentic steam-powered paddle wheeler traveling down the scenic Rivers of America. However, if you’ve visited Magic Kingdom recently, you’ve noticed the Rivers of America totally drained. Not going to lie, it looks so out of place!

magic kingdom rides closed
Credit: Susan On Halloween, 2020, Rivers of America were completely drained.

Tom Sawyer Island is currently unreachable due to the river draining.

You may remember the Liberty Square Riverboat received a short tune up in August 2020. Now, more extensive work will be done on the Liberty Square Riverboat.

You may remember the Rivers of America being drained two years ago. This refurbishment took several months to complete.

Complete List of Disney World Refurbishments

Credit: KtP Writer Christina

We’ve created a master list showing all of the current Disney World refurbishments. Read here for all the details and to plan your upcoming trips! This is a great resource to bookmark since its updated frequently.

What do you think of Disney World’s current refurbishments? Also, which Disney attraction would you be most sad about missing on your trip? Please share your thoughts on our Facebook Page.

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  1. And they want to change Splash Mountain? It appears they have enough going on with so many things under construction, and others closed because of repairs. Hmmmmm. First they change WEDWAY to the People Mover, now its refurbish is taking over 4 months. Could it be they will get rid of it? Then Walt’s train is closed for at least 2 years! Other new rides are low quality, and do not meet Walt’s demand for high quality. Little by little it appears this new CEO is either changing the imagineers or insisting they change their ways. Looks like Big Corp wants to forget about Walt’s quality insistance and great rides that had no political (WOKE) suggestions. Possibly they will look to change the name to Woke Diversity World! So sad.

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