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Disney World Railroad to Remain Closed Through October 2020

Disney World Railroad to Remain Closed Through October 2020

Man, the refurbishment news just keeps coming this week. We are going to have to wait until at least October of 2020 before we can ride the WDW Railroad…

The Railroad system has been closed since December 2018 to make way for the TRON Lightcycle Run construction that is taking place in Tomorrowland. Unfortunately, construction is happening right over the tracks so it will remain closed for at least another year.

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This comes on the heels of refurbishment announcements for both Test Track in Epcot and Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom. I know these happen to improve guest experience at the parks, but it still disappointing for the guests who will be visiting Disney during those times!

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait past October 2020 to ride the Railroad! Are you missing riding around the park on the train?

-Monica S.

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  1. Will be so glad when it opens back up. Hate they couldn’t have done something temporary instead of closing it this long. Even a partial running would be better than nothing. Would take the train over Tron any day.

  2. I agree with everyone else. I’m a senior citizen & loved the convenience of the train instead of traipsing through a sometimes very crowded park. And TRON? Who’s goofy idea was it to make a ride about a movie that was out, what, 40 yrs ago & wasn’t very good even then? Oh & I never bothered to see the remake either. I’d rather have the train. ; )

    • It’s based on Tron: Legacy which was released in 2010. The ride currently exists in Shanghai with popular reviews. The train will reopen, this is just during construction.

  3. Perhaps they should just shut everything down! I tire of this new construction creating constant problems for existing entertainment. I think they may have Dumbo running the show at Disney World right now.

    • Me, too, Lisa. We planned our trip almost a year ago and every day now more and more things will be shuttered, construction areas, or changed. Way too much money to spend on a crappy vacation and way disappointed not to be getting the experience we wanted!

  4. Yes, it is the hi light of our trip, my sons loves trains. We are waiting to go back until 2021 so hoping it is done by then!

  5. I missed it very much. Not only are you missing out on the ride itself, but during certain times of day a way to skip crowds between you and the exit. I hope they are doing any needed maintenance on the train and tracks during this down time so we won’t have to do without again anytime soon. (Although I still don’t see why it can’t do the other side of the loop and go back and forth even one train at a time would be better than none.)

    • Former WDWRR CM. They are replacing the whole track during the downtime, Main street to Frontierland is already done, they are working on Frontierland to Fantasyland right now. Both the Walter and Rodger are also currently being refurbished. Lilly Belle came back from refurb already, and Roy will be going once Walter is back on property. Currently only the Roy and Lilly Belle are on property.

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