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Breaking: Splash Mountain Closing for Refurbishment

Breaking_ Splash Mountain Closing for Refurbishment
Credit: Disney

Splash Mountain will be closing for refurbishment in the coming months.

As we approach the new year and the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World in 2021, many new updates and refurbishments are slated to happen in the parks.  One such refurbishment was announced today.

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Splash Mountain will be closed from January 6, 2020 to February 27, 2020.  It is scheduled to reopen to guests on February 28th.  No announcements have been made about specific details for the refurbishment.  The ride was also closed around this time last year for refurbishment as well.

This comes days after the announcement that Test Track will be closed for refurbishment in early 2020.

Does this announcement impact your upcoming vacation?

-Jaelyn Winkle


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  1. Interested to see it’s down at this time of year (and has been before); we were surprised to see it closed for refurb at the end of August 2017….wasn’t popular with my children, at all (luckily it didn’t span our entire stay!)

  2. Ridiculous that they close two major attractions at one time. People save for years to attend, prices continue to rise and they just close the rides. Absolutely unacceptable but the powers that be at Disney just don’t care!’

  3. This is a little longer than usual, but Splash is down every January for refurb. Test Track, however, is news. Maybe they change it back to the older ride.

  4. Realllly realllly angry….like two of my favorite….why do two major ones at the same time!! So not right…..I save for three years to go….looked at the refurbishment schedule and planned according….now THIS!

      • Some kids have winter breaks in January and February as well. Colder weather creates low demand, so they pick that time frame most years. Kali usually goes down too.

    • Wouldn’t a discount be a good thing since they’re messing with people’s plans? Knowing Disney they’ll just raise the prices.

      • No one will get a special discount. Refurbishments occur frequently and Splash is usually closed during cold weather months. At times it is open and it is cold out, the ride is a walk on.

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