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A Brand New Baby Aardvark is Born in Disney

A Brand New Baby Aardvark is Born in Disney

Have you ever seen a baby aardvark? Get ready, animal fans; you are in for a treat!

New Babies at Disney

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

One of my very favorite things about Disney World is that they are continually introducing adorable new baby animals. While 2020 has been an unusual year, it has also brought us zebras, giraffes, and other critters.

Disney’s Conservation program works to stabilize populations of at-risk species, and the results produce plenty of new life for us to coo over. While many of the animals are familiar to us, some are unusual, including the newest addition, a baby aardvark!

An Aardvark Love Story

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If you have been watching “The Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom,” you may have encountered an Aardvark couple on the series’s 5th episode. If you have not been watching, this video will get you up to speed on the story of aardvark couple Peanut and Willie.

Peanut has the distinction of being the first female aardvark at Walt Disney World. And now she has a brand new distinction as the first aardvark to give birth in the parks.

Welcome, Baby Aardvark!

Credit: @drmarkatdisney

Disney’s Dr. Mark Penning, took to his Instagram Account @drmarkatdisney to share the news. The new baby aardvark is here!

A New Baby Aardvark has Arrived

Baby Karanga, which is Swahili for “Peanut,” has arrived at Rafiki’s Planet Watch in Animal Kingdom. She joins over 5000 other animals who make their home at Walt Disney World.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

I have personally never seen a baby aardvark. So, these pictures provide a fascinating opportunity!

Karanga and Peanut seem to be doing well. According to staff, the baby was up and digging within hours of her birth, just as she should.

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