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More Performers May Be Affected By Massive Disney Layoffs

More Performers May Be Affected By Massive Disney Layoffs

We were hoping that the bad news was behind us as the Disney Parks have reopened. This week, we have been saddened that many of our favorite performers will no longer be at Walt Disney World. Find out the most recent performers that may be affected.

Massive Layoff

We shared news that the Walt Disney Company will layoff approximately 28,000 domestic employees. 67% of these Cast Members were part-time.

You can read all about Josh D’Amaro’s official statement regarding these layoffs and also read the 2 big reason for these layoffs HERE.

With this news of so many Cast Members losing their employment, many performers have also been affected.

We shared this past weekend that the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra would have their last performance on October 3rd.

Disney fans were also disappointed to hear that Bob Jackson, “Yehaa Bob”, would not be returning to Walt Disney World. For the last 23 years, Yehaa Bob has entertained Guests at the River Roost at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside.

You can read Yehaa Bob’s response to this news HERE.

Grand Floridian Society Orchestra and Yehaa Bob will no longer entertain fans at Walt Disney World.

Many loyal Disney fans have questioned what this “New Disney Experience” will be like without these favorite performers present.

More Performers Affected

Performers at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort may also be affected by the massive Disney layoffs. Tikiman’s Official Polynesian Resort Facebook page shared that, “many of the Cast Members were told they won’t be back, including the entertainers at the resort.”

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At this time the Walt Disney Company has not confirmed this and further specifics have not been given.

Although we have not heard an official statement, we have shared that the Polynesian Village Resort will be undergoing a major refurbishment.

The Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort was originally set to open in early October 2020. Due to this major refurbishment, the reopening has been pushed back to the summer of 2021.

More details can be found HERE.

At this time, performers of the Disney’s Polynesian Village are not able to return to work due to this refurbishment. They have been told that they may return to work in the summer of 2021.

At this time, it is unclear if these performers will receive layoffs rather than simply waiting to return to work in the summer of 2021. Our thoughts continue to be with the Cast Members and performers that have been affected by these layoffs.

Concerning the Polynesian Village REsort “many of the cast members were told they won’t be back, including the entertainers at the resort.”

Tikiman’s Official Polynesian Resort Facebook Page

Do you think that the Polynesian Village Resort performers may be affected? Do you think any other favorite Disney performers may be laid-off as well? How do you think these changes will affect the overall Disney experience? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. I am hoping that they don’t layoff Voices of Liberty, Oktoberfest Musikanten, Mariachi Cobre, and Jammitors at Epcot even though there was a previous rumour that the Jammitors group was no longer performing at Epcot. Hopefully they also shouldn’t layoff Magic Kingdom’s Dapper Dans.

  2. It is truly the cast members that make Disney special. I hope that they will eventually return and that Disney will once more become the magical place our family lives. Until then our thoughts and prayers are with these cast members. You make the Disney magic! Cannot wait to see you again in the future. It will not be magical until then!

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