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How Will Disney’s Official Statement Calm Fan Disappointment?

How Will Disney's Official Statement Calm Fan Disappointment?
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There are only a few more days that the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra will entertain Disney Guests. Due to outrage by many Disney fans, Walt Disney World has released an official statement. Does this statement calm your disappointment at all?

Grand Floridian Society Orchestra

For 32 years, the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra resided in the lobby of the Grand Floridian. They have been such a staple to those Guests staying at the Grand Floridian and even for those Guests visiting the grand hotel.

Some of my family’s favorite memories were as we would visit the Grand Floridian at Christmas. My children loved the gigantic gingerbread house.

I loved to take in all of the sights, smells, and sounds of the festive holiday season.

This Christmas season not only will the iconic gingerbread house be missing, but the Grand Floridian Orchestra will no longer be present.

Unexpected Farewell

This past weekend we shared that the Grand Floridian Orchestra would play their last performance on October 3rd. The first news of this came via a Facebook post this past Saturday.

Check out the post below:

The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra returned from furlough to an unexpected venue change and a name change.

On August 2nd, Guests visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios could enjoy the Disney Society Orchestra and Friends playing a fun set of Disney classics. Check out the entire set HERE.

Official Statement From Disney

After our post on Saturday, KennythePirate Crew members shared their disappointment that the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra would be bidding a tearful farewell on October 3rd.

We also noticed on social media that other Disney fans were upset with this announcement.

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Today, Walt Disney World issued the following statement:

“As you may know, we are always evaluating and refining our offerings and creating new ideas to build upon Disney stories. This philosophy is in keeping with Walt Disney’s vision for continuing to grow and evolve, giving Guests a mixture of familiar and new experiences with each visit.

In alignment with this philosophy, we have made the decision to end the limited-time run of the Disney Society Orchestra and Friends this fall with their last performance being on Saturday, October 3, 2020.

We apologize for any disappointment that this may cause you and please be assured that we have shared all fo your feedback with the appropriate Executive Leadership Teams.”

As a Disney fan, I completely understand the need to reimagine and recreate new experiences. Somehow after 32 years, I simply thought that the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra was a staple that could not be replaced such as “it’s a small world.” I’m not sure if this official statement will really ease any disappointment from Disney fans.

“AS you know we are always evaluating and refining our offerings and creating new ideas to build upon disney stories.”

Geoffrey Kiser

What do you think about this official statement from Walt Disney World? What other entertainment offerings do you think may be eliminated due to this philosophy of “evaluating and refining our offerings”? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

VIADonna Farmer


  1. They are what made the “Grand Floridian” GRAND! No one else had live music! How is Cinderella going to dance with Prince Charming and all the little ones who enjoyed dressing up and have that MAGIC???
    Very, very disappointed with Disney!!!

  2. It’s so sad to see a bit more pixie dust fall by the wayside in loosing the orchestra in the Grand Floridian. My jaw dropped the first time I entered the lobby and heard lovely live music-a special memory with a regal feel. Be careful–the magic is beginning to slip away making Disney just another amusement park and just another hotel.

  3. It’s just another reason for me NOT to go back to Disney. I can take my family to Hawaii and see the real Polynesian culture and not another fake presentation from Disney. So GOODBYE to Disney!!

  4. Well said! I completely agree with you! I don’t considered 32 years a limited-time run! Just because they moved their location and gave them a different name, they ARE a staple after that length of time! Disney should move them BACK to the Grand Floridian which is their home and where everyone can expect to see and hear their fabulous music. You’re right. It’s like a step back in time to listen to them. With all of the craziness going on in the world, we need to be able to travel back in time (at least in our minds) when things were more simple and good. I’m tired of Disney taking away much of the magic that made the entire Disney experience so wonderful. It really makes me sad.

  5. I think it is HORRIBLE. THEY ARE PART OF THE ELEGANCE, THAT MAKE THE GRAND FLORIDAN STAND OUT. THE GRAND FLORIDAN IS SUPPOSED TO BE SPECIAL. Whats next, making it a value resort. Stop changing things that don’t need to be changed. Add more of the old world Elegance. Something the world truly lacks today. When you walk in The Grand Floridan and hear the orchestra playing, it’s an AHA moment . It Takes you to a happy time, when the world was good and kind. Don’t take that away from us.

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