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Disney Has Released an Exciting NEW Mulan Book

Disney Has Released an Exciting NEW Mulan Book
Disney Has Released an Exciting NEW Mulan Book

Hey, Mulan fans! If you need more of your favorite princess in your life, be sure to check out this new Mulan book from Disney Publishing.

New Mulan Book

Credit: Disney Publishing

Disney Books has filled our shelves with backstories. This time, it’s Mulan’s turn for a prequel.

Disney Publishing teamed up with bestselling author Grace Lin to bring fans Mulan’s backstory. You may know her for her novel Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, which is a Newberry Honor book.

The new novel is called Before the Sword. Disney Books took to Instagram to give fans the details.

Credit @DisneyBooks


The novel focuses on the time period leading up to Disney Studio’s newly released live action revamp of Mulan. According to the synopsis, the story tells the story of Mulan’s devotion to her family.

When her sister, who appears in the live action film but not the animated classic, falls ill after being bitten by a poisonous spider, Mulan sets off on a jounrey to find a remedy. The journey is filled with rials, mysteries, and dangers.

The book ties in to the film when Mulan discovers a member of the Hau family will one day save the Emperor. It also brings in new characters such as the Jade Rabbit of legend.

The book is appropriate for children ages 8-12. However, as it is with juvenile literature, adult fans will probably enjoy it too.

Where to Buy the Book

If you want your own copy of Before the Sword, it is readily avaliable. You can purchase the book in both digital and print formats.

Right now, it is for sale at several major retailers. You can purchase it from Amazon, Books-a-Million, Indigo, Barnes and Nobel, shopDisney, Bookshop, or Wal-mart.

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