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Update to Orange County Florida’s Face Mask Mandate

Update to Orange County Florida's Face Mask Mandate
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All Guests planning to visit Walt Disney World will want to be aware of the most recent update to the Orange County Florida mask mandate. Find out what this may mean for your upcoming Florida vacation.

Reopening of Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World did an excellent job in preparing Cast Members and Guests of the reopening health and safety protocols.

Chairman Josh D’Amaro recently shared that they utilized the Park reopenings to train Cast Members with the new health and safety protocols, but Guests also have a key role to play.

The Walt Disney Company purposefully used many different venues to update Guests on the new health and safety guidelines. The Disney Company has increased their communication to communicate, “more effectively and transparently.”

One of the most debated health and safety protocols, was that of mandatory face coverings. Face coverings are required for all Guests and Cast Members while at Disney Springs, Disney Parks, and even Disney Resorts.

Disney has made a few revisions to their mandatory mask guidelines. They have adjusted the age requirement for Guests. Disney Parks have also updated the requirements for face masks.

Orange County Face Mask Requirements

In June, Orange County, Florida announced that face masks will be mandatory in all public places. This will apply to Orange County and the city of Orlando. 

Mayor Demings issued and signed this Executive Order to go into effect Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 12:01 am until further notice.

Orange County Face Mask Ruling

Today, we viewed a tweet from the mayor of Orange County concerning a ruling against the face mask mandate.

Orange County Circuit Court Judge, Lisa Munyon rejected a challenge to the constitutionally of our Orange County Executive Order requiring residents to wear face masks in public. The Ruling means the mask mandate is legal.”

Orange County Mayor, Jerry Demmings, shared, Masks help slow the spread of the virus and save lives…and these types of lawsuits waste valuable time and resources for local governments. The safety, health and welfare of all residents continue to be our priority.”

Mayor Demings concludes with, I’m pleased with the court’s decision and our low positivity rates today.

“I’m pleased with the court’s decision and our low positivity rates today.”

Mayor Demings

Even with the reopening of Theme Parks, Florida has continued to see a decline in COVID-19 cases for the past several weeks.

Last week we shared that the Florida Governor hosted a roundtable for Theme Parks in light of the low COVID-19 cases. Read more about this HERE.

This continued face mask mandate will continue to apply to all of Orange County. This ruling only further validates the Disney Parks requirement for face masks.

Guests planning to visit Orange County and the Walt Disney Parks will need to plan accordingly and bring proper face masks. Check out our review of wearing face masks in the Disney Parks.

Face masks will continue to be required for all of Orange County Florida and for Guests of Disney Parks, Disney Springs, and Disney Resorts.

What do you think of this current ruling? Have you visited the Disney Parks since the reopening? Are you planning an upcoming trip to the Disney Parks? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


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  1. Middle school science book: “Science does not prove…Because science is not about proving things. Science is about collecting evidence…Science is continually changing based on new information- nothing in science is ever final.”

  2. I work with patients everyday all day wearing a mask for 8 hours straight, no water break at times. On my days off, I do my shopping and wear a mask. Took my kids to legoland, I wore a mask yet again. As for right now, it’s a way of life and eventually sooner than later, all this will be over.

  3. True but doctors and nurses don’t have to work in 110 real feel temps. They have air conditioning which breathing in a mask is much better in a A/C environment rather than a hot and humid one.

    • You know I’ve been in the parks at least 50% of open days wearing a mask, correct? It’s not something I enjoy with humidity on my face, but it doesn’t affect me otherwise. It doesn’t cause anyone to pass out. Not drinking water and consuming too much alcohol will though.

  4. Before covid it depended on the type of patient you took care of whether or not a nurse/doctor/healthcare worker would wear a mask all day. If we knew they were airborne/droplet precautions we would wear during all patient interactions. But with Covid 19 the problem is there are a lot of asymptomatic carriers and tests are not accurate. This is why now ALL healthcare providers are wearing masks during their whole shift.

  5. Excuse me but I don’t see drs. or nurses wearing them all day except for surgeries or icu. They don’t wear them all day in the hospital. Except now because of covid go back 3 months ago ,they didn’t wear them.

  6. We went to Disney just the other day and didn’t have any problems with breathing with our mask’s on. We used Disney masks once we got in the park . They were a lot better then the ones we took with us. They were lighter an more breathable.

  7. This is absurd. I am a long time pass hold not going back because of these crazy laws happy to spend my money elsewhere.

  8. Absolutely wear a mask.If you really care about another person do it so we can get things a little bit better & get back to normal slowly. Science has proven that they work. We’ve been to Disney twice & had no problems with breathing. Just go early & leave when it starts to get hot. Stay safe

  9. I understand protection: I also make the sacrifice to wear the mask in public when I want to be in public and protect others and others would do the same to flatten curve. We still have a choice, if you can’t breathe like myselfe stay away from the public or wear a mask. In my opinion✌

  10. I understand wearing the mask in the theme parks but I don’t think you need them on 24 /7, outside. You need to breathe more than just your carbon dioxide ,you need to breathe fresh air. My opinion only

    • There is zero evidence of breathing your own carbon dioxide from masks. Doctors and nurses wear them all day and have never passed out from wearing one. That’s a silly myth.

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