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2 More Epcot Food Booths Offering Limited Hours of Operation

2 More Epcot Food Booths Offering Limited Hours of Operation

Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival started with the reopening of Epcot. Guests have been excited to again taste delicious foods from around the globe as they travel the World Showcase. Unfortunately, 2 more food booths will be unavailable for many Guests.

Food & Wine Festival

Many Guests were disappointed that they were unable to visit Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival this past spring due to the closure of the Disney Parks. Unfortunately the beautiful International Flower and Garden topiaries were no longer available once EPCOT reopened.

As a silver lining, Walt Disney World announced that the International Food and Wine Festival would begin on July 15, 2020. Read all about this announcement HERE.

Food & Wine Merchandise

Many Guests were excited to learn that the festival would begin earlier than in years past, but they were missing the festival merchandise. The Food & Wine Merchandise went on sale THIS MORNING. Get a view of all of these great items HERE.

food and wine merchandise is now available for sale within the World Showcase and at Mouse Gear in Future world.

Limited Availability of Food Booths

Guests love the International Food and Wine Festival because they are able to sample foods from around the globe as they travel around the World Showcase. Find a Complete Menu for this year’s International Food and Wine Festival HERE.

Back on August 12th, we shared that the Islands of the Caribbean Food Booth remained closed while the other Festival Food Booths were opened for Guests.

Disney Parks Blog 2020

The Islands of the Caribbean offered Guests an authentic taste of the Caribbean with Ropa Vieja Empanadas with tomato aioli, Jerkspiced chicken with roasted plantain salt and mango chutney yogurt, and Flancocho a passion fruit cake with coconut flan.

The Islands of the Caribbean has now reopened, but it is only opened on Saturdays. This news was quite disappointing to many Guests visiting Epcot. Unfortunately, 2 more food booths will operate with limited hours as well.

Limited Hours for 2 More Food Booths

Both “The Alps” and the “Spain” food booths were found to be closed today. It appears that both of these food booths will operate only on the weekends or possibly even only on Saturdays. This would be similar to the operation of the the Islands of the Caribbean food booth.

Both “The Alps” and “Spain” food booths reopened to Guests just this past weekend. We saw delicious posts this past weekend of warm Raclette Swiss Cheese goodness from “The Alps.”

Guests had our mouths watering for the Charcuterie goodness from “Spain.” The Charcuterie offers a great variety of select Spanish meats and cheeses paired with a signature herb vinaigrette.

At this time we are uncertain if these food booths may reopen during busier weekdays, but at this time it appears that they will only be open on the weekends due to lower crowd attendance.

“The Alps” and “Spain” food Booths will only be open on the weekends and possibly only on Saturdays.

What do you think of the International Food & Wine Festival with limited food booths available during the week? Will this affect your interest in attending this years International Food & Wine Festival? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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Ohana and Friends

Tuesday 1st of September 2020

A little disappointed that so many of the food booths will only be open on Saturdays. Without the option to "park hop", this makes it difficult to enjoy all that the parks offer for those of us only there for a few days. But, I understand the importance of Disney to stay profitable right now. Thanks for the update.

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