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NEWS: My Disney Experience Offers New Features for Rise of the Resistance

NEWS: My Disney Experience Offers New Features for Rise of the Resistance

Guests who got boarding passes this morning for Rise of the Resistance attraction noticed a few changes. There are some new features in My Disney Experience, and you’ll want to see them!

Rise of the Resistance is hands down the most popular attraction at Disney World right now. In fact, it’s so popular Guests must obtain a boarding group in order to be able to experience it.

There have been several changes to the virtual queue process since Hollywood Studios reopened on July 15.

First, instead of one chance to get into the system, Disney announced there would be three openings throughout the day for Guests to attempt to obtain a boarding group. You can see those details HERE.

Then, that changed to just twice a day. Now Guests can try at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. That change came about 9 days after the reopening.

New Changes

Today, Guests obtaining a boarding pass at Hollywood Studios noticed a few new changes!

First, My Disney Experience displays the boarding groups that are currently being called back to experience Rise of the Resistance. This was a feature that appeared this winter but was not available upon reopening on July 15.

You had to stalk your My Disney Experience app to see if you got the push notification that your boarding group had been called or check the wait times that were located on boards around the park.

Second, once your boarding group gets called, a barcode is displayed on the pass. This is a new feature that has never been on the app. This is similar to the MaxPass system that is in place at Disneyland.

You can read all about MaxPass HERE.

Check out the tweet below:

Do you think we will see MaxPass (or something similar) at Disney World in the future? What do you make of these changes? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook.


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