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Disney Urges Guests to Link Tickets Now for Upcoming Park Reservation System

Disney Urges Guests to Link Tickets Now for Upcoming Park Reservation System
Photo: Screenshot of My Disney Experience

On your mark, get set, link those tickets! Disney has updated its website urging guests to link tickets as soon as possible. Read details here.

Last week, Disney contacted guests with resort reservations up to July 11 asking them to modify, keep, or cancel. It seemed like Disney was handling resort reservations before making the change to park reservations.

However, Disney is beginning to update My Disney Experience regarding upcoming park visits. Earlier today, a fellow KtP writer reported that “Reservation Required” has been added to the Disney World Annual Pass calendar.

Changes on My Disney Experience

Photo: Disney

In the latest update on My Disney Experience, Disney issued a statement instructing guests to make sure all tickets and reservations are linked in your My Disney Experience App NOW.

Previously, Disney issued a statement suggesting guests have the up-to-date app updates.

Pirate Tip: As Disney makes changes to its app, I would suggest you check your app store regularly to ensure you’re up-to-date. This could be crucial in making park reservations.

Photo: Screenshot of My Disney Experience

First, register or sign into the My Disney Experience website. If you haven’t already done so, create a login. Otherwise, sign in using your Disney login.

Disney syncs logins to all their websites so if you have a Disney+ account, log in with those credentials.

"Reservation Required" Added to Annual Passholder Calendar
Credit: Disney

Second, link your reservation. This can also be done on the app. You’ll need the Disney confirmation number from the Disney website or your travel agency.

Credit: Screenshot of MyDisneyExperience

Third, enter link your tickets following the instructions on the screen. After doing this, you’re all set!

Photo: Screenshot of My Disney Experience

Now we just need Disney to let us make reservations! It looks like this reservation system is going to stick around for the foreseeable future, most likely for through all of 2021.

Credit: Screenshot of MyDisneyExperience

Have you linked your tickets? What are your thoughts on the new reservation system? Let us know your thoughts on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook Page, or join our crew and tell us there!


  1. This is nerve wrecking! My husband & I had March reservations that were obviously cancelled (by Disney). This trip was the last of our APs. Disney was very generous in offering us a code that we can use whenever we return (September). This code is supposed to re-activate our passes for this one trip. I was told to call in with this code around 60 days out. However, this reservation system now has me concerned that we will completely miss out on any chance of getting into the parks because our current MDE shows ZERO tickets/passes! My brother has a situation where he has all but one of his party’s tickets for his re-booked October trip. He is more than ready to purchase that one ticket, but Disney isn’t allowing any ticket sales! What if his one party doesn’t get access to the parks because of this reservation system? This is all driving me crazy!

  2. Do you think they are urging all guests through year end to link or just summer guests? I’m not ready to commit and have Dec. res.

    • Disney is referring to summer guests that will be able to make park reservations in the near future. You’ll be okay waiting.

  3. My annual pass expired last week and it is no longer showing in MDE. I sure hope they extend our annual pass dates before the registration system goes live.

    • There’s lots of people in your same boat. Hopefully Disney will show extensions soon! Check back here regularly for updates.

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