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BREAKING: Disney World Raises Menu Prices, Removes Certain Items despite Closure

BREAKING: Disney World Raises Menu Prices, Removes Certain Items despite Closure

Disney World has raised menu prices at several places across the parks and resorts. Additionally, some food offerings have been removed from menus. I’ve got a breakdown of the changes.

With the parks closed indefinitely and the millions of dollars that are being lost in revenue EVERY DAY, Disney is trying to make up for some of this loss.

We have already seen the furlough of many Disney World employees, including executive, salaried, and non-union Cast Members.

There have also been several permanent entertainment cuts at Epcot. You can read about them HERE and HERE.

Now, we are seeing a price increase and reduced menu offerings.

The strategy is simple: use discounts and special offers to draw Guests in and then increase prices on food and experiences to help make up for the loss. I wouldn’t be surprised if we also see price increases for special add-ons like dessert parties and After Hours events in the future.

Some food and beverage offerings are also being removed from menus. It costs extra money to keep a wide variety of options at each dining location, and Disney is making cuts wherever possible.

Let’s take a look at some examples.


Tortuga Tavern

Previously, the all-beef hot dog combo at Tortuga Tavern, which was served with chips, was priced at $9.49.

Now, the hot dog does not come with chips, and the price has been raised $1.00 to $10.49.

You can also see the Ropa Vieja has also been taken off the menu when served as an entree with rice. It appears to still be available as a topping on the beef hot dog.

The Friar’s Nook

If you hop across Magic Kingdom to Fantasyland, one small (but noticeable) change is the fact that the all-beef hot dog is now served with macaroni cheese instead of tots. Here is the screenshot from Character Locator:

Also, the price of the entree jumped up $2.00 because of this change. Check out the menu from My Disney Experience:

Tusker House

Over at Animal Kingdom, Tusker House will no longer serve as many of the alcoholic beverages that were once available.

The Sugar Can Mojito, African Margarita, and Lost on Safari drinks are now missing from the menu. The new menu only displays four drinks: African Bloody Mary, Cold Brew XO, African Mimosa, and Ngumu Jungle Juice.


The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

More drink offerings were also taken off the Hollywood Brown Derby Lodge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Various margaritas, martinis, and other drinks are no longer listed on the online menu.

The Hollywood Brown Derby | Walt Disney World Resort

Several alcoholic beverages also appear to have been raised in price, as much as $3.00 for a drink. It’s a good idea to check out the menus for any restaurant you want to visit during your trip so that way you aren’t surprised by the prices.

This is not an exhaustive list, but this does give you an idea of what is taking place on Walt Disney World property while it is closed.

What do you think these menu changes? Are you surprised or did you see it coming? Share your thoughts with us on KennythePirate’s facebook page.


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  1. I presume you have not actually have event hired someone and seen how labor costs (including all taxes and benefits one must pay for the privilege of hiring someone) have also escalated in the same time period…. Now multiply this by the 50,000 or so cast members at the Orlando location as well. No doubt Disney is profitable… but excessively so is not the case. Even Disney had to take out a $5 BILLION line of credit last week just to have a chance to survive the shutdown… and we don’t yet know when it will end.

  2. You are so funny. Disney is NOT a regular company. They are making TONs of money everyday while charging 3 times the price sonething should cost. So I say waa waa Disney. Like I said..karma.

  3. Again to everyone Disneyland is a luxury not a necessity. No one I repeat no one is forcing you to go. Even after this pandemic, your first thought shouldnt be oh im going to go on a vacation. So does it really even matter to you in this current state? Plus they lost a lot of money due to the closure. For example all the food they had they donated and for cast member’s, they kept them with pay for as long as they could. Even before they shutdown completely they were losing customers because of the virus. They are just like any regular company right now that is struggling. I also believe they do the most for customers when it comes to entertainment. If you really want to go somewhere cheaper you also have to understand that the quality of the park will change as well. I know parks like Knotts berry farm are cheaper but also doesnt have the same magic that Disney does. And also no one knows how long this will go on for so they as a company that has millions of workers they are probably still paying, is just trying to do everything they can to not have a hard fall.

  4. Disney is no longer about family, it’s all bout how much money they can make, with no concern to the consumer. Ticket prices go up every 6 months for what purpose, to bleed the public of every last dime they have.

    Walt created his parks for families, and made sure it was affordable without breaking their budget,
    but now the Disney corporation just wants more and more money no matter how it affects the working class. And how horrible are they to raise prices during this crisis and while the parks are closed.

    If people were smart and banded together no one will go when it reopens. Let’s face it, during this troubling time, we all seem to be doing just fine without Disney.

    I think once everything calms down and we get back to our normal routine, we should all support our local amusement parks instead.

    And to the person who said that Disney stands by their employees, I have news for you, they gave every college program student 3 days to pack up and go, whether they came from other countries or USA. Try to finding a flight back to your home country, especially with only 3 days notice, and most countries having flight restrictions. Some had to rent rooms while negotiating their flight home. Now, that is what I call a great employer, a real nice way to treat your hard working employees.

    Hope Disney falls very hard.

  5. I think its crazy! We are Florida Residents an annual passholders! Disney raises their prices all the time but to do it at a time like this is very sad and very down an dirty! The whole world is in crisis no one is working you cant leave your home you have to wear masks an gloves to go to the grocery store an they are raising hot dog an alcohol prices.. PATHETIC Im sick of Disney as it is they are nothing but money hungry anymore its no longer the happiest place on earth… Walt is probably turning in is grave right now!!!

  6. I love Disney and am a dvc member,this world is to greedy so sad and wrong,they can probably recover from last yrs profits! Cut some fancy drinks. Out but raising food prices ridiculous.

  7. They raised the prices at five to six locations??!! Big deal! I understand that Disney is extremely expensive. However, it is also affordable at the same time. I get annoyed when people complain about the prices. If you don’t wish to pay for the food…DON’T!! You are allowed to bring your own food and snacks inside. Not many places offer that! And their ticket prices are about $120-$130. But with that, you get rides, shows, character meet and greets, sidewalk entertainment, parades, fireworks, etc. Name another place you can get all of that at the same or similar price? …I’ll wait. And name a concert, wrestling match, Sesame Street or Paw Patrol show, casino, resort that you’ve attended that the food prices weren’t extremely expensive???!!! You dislike Disney? Don’t go! I make less than $30K a year and I make a way to bring my babies at least every year or every other year and I know how to budget to make everything worthwhile.

    • I think you may have missed the part where I wrote this is not an exhaustive list but gives folks an idea about what is going on in the parks. We write about price increases every time it happens so people are aware.

  8. I love Disney! I must say that they are pricing the American Family out from that once in a lifetime trip. Walt’s “where dreams come true” philosophy is no longer. It is now about the almighty dollar a d if you won’t pay someone else will. Shame on Disney!

  9. go elsewhere Disney raise price to high wild adventures amusement park so much cheaper or eat ya good breakfast before you go into Disney eat good dinner after leave Disney common sense

  10. So you think Disney doesnt have tons of money? Ask Kenny how many price increases they have had in the last 5 years. Its exponential

  11. They were already making money hand over fist. Greedy greedy greedy! Shame shame Disney! Whats is happening to you right knoe is called KARMA and I dont feel sorry for you! You try to screw the middle class out of all their hard earned money all the time! Its gonna be a long time before we decide to go again and we will always stay off property and never buy the dining plan again! Our next trip may be Universal. They dont raise rates every 2 months like you greedy people!

  12. This is NOT the time to raise prices. It will have a negative end result. People will go elsewhere for a vacation where they feel comfortable spending their money after such a devasting period of time in history.

  13. I went to Disney twice. Each time I saved a bunch of money by not staying on property but on the strip and founds tons of restaurants that didn’t kill my wallet. Disney land is like the casinos they don’t tell about the other options. I also found a lot of places that sold souvenirs wayyyyyyy cheaper than disney park. We stayed for two and had lots of fun. I travel a lot I look for ways to have fun and save money

  14. My husband and I went last fall for our first time with our son, his wife and grandsons. It was very expensive for rooms, tickets, and plane. We were appalled at how expensive just plain water was let alone the food! We had already decided that we would never go back due to the cost and not getting to do much due to the crowd. With these price increases I don’t know what would make anyone go now! I have a whole different attitude about Disney now and it used to be very positive.

  15. Disney is not a necessity for everyone so them choosing to raise prices on food to maintain their business that everyone loves is an okay thing to do. And if people truly need to eat when they come to the park, they can eat outside of the park where it is cheaper. I know for a fact that in the Disneyland at Anaheim there is a Mc Donalds outside across the street so don’t complain about it being expensive if there are other affordable options.

  16. This is terrible to raise food prices. Many people look forward to a Disney vacation once this pandemic is over. And many are on unemployment so it is not fair. Disney has money so I don’t believe they are taking a big loss. Maybe they shouldn’t pay Iger and the other ceo’s those big pay checks now. Even though the took a mear 35%pay cut big deal still taking home millions while worker are taking home 0.

  17. I’m going to go the disney world at every opportunity. Disney stood up and stood by their employees as much as possible I’m going to stand by Disney. having said that Disney has always changed around their menus this isnt something new. if you dont like a menu change compliance about it if enough people complain disney will fix it

  18. As a long time Passholder and FL resident I can honestly say that when Disney raises prices it never negatively affects them. There used to be busy and slow seasons. Now there is no real slow season. At least not as slow as slow used to be. The bottom line is while they will lose some guests they will still have many many first timers who have no idea of what the price was or should be. They simply order and swipe a credit card. I’ve observed this for many years. For international guests this is a once in a lifetime trip and the price is no object. And most importantly Disney will never run out of those first timers. The only slow day I’ve seen in the last 10 years was a couple years ago the day before Disney closed for a hurricane. We had front row seats for the day parade both in Frontierland and Main Street. The longest wait all day was the security line before entering the parks. Lol

  19. Don’t think many people will have money to give to Disney or any other non essentials for a long time to come.

  20. When Covid Restrictions are finally removed or reduced (this might take months), Disney might need to rethink their marketing strategy and offer FREE food or extreme discounts to get customers back. Your thoughts?

  21. i can completely agree with you it stupid and sad, i taken my kids to Disney world 2 times in 2006 and every year they go up in prices and the food is outrageously priced, i cant afford to take them now or anytime soon, i agree with whY you said, six flags or places like that is still a pretty reasonable, it will be a long time if ever i go back to a Disney park again

  22. I appreciate the heads up. The price changes are not crazy and will deal with it when we go within a year. My family will still be excited and glad to be together in the happiest place in the world!

  23. I was able to bring my family to Walt Disney July 2019. It was not a pleasent experience with lines averaging 2 hours. Rediculous…. It cost $1200 for a family of 5 for 3 days and we rode about 6 rides average per day. The food there was already outrageous and now they are raising it again? Be smart and go elsewhere. Walt Disney is overrated

  24. With Disney raising there prices it will make people think twice on were to eat or bring there own food in or go to Universal studios instead. And top of that don’t go to all the parks either there other places to go when are in Florida.

  25. The higher the better. Disney is turning into a upper middle income excursion and if that thins the crowds out I’ll happily pay more for everything!

  26. I think Walt Disney would roll over in his grave. How can people afford this. We went in Dec and it cost over $1,000 just to get in. We will never go back. I don’t care what time of year you go, they shouldn’t raise their prices because it’s a popular week. Food prices are ridulous. We don’t eat at the parks. It’s cheaper going on a cruise.

  27. I can’t understand people complaining about this now. The entire Disney business model is based around activities that can’t function like they used to. Even when businesses start to open it is going to be difficult until there is a vaccine. Movies require full theaters, cruise ships require passengers, theme parks need large crowds and ESPN needs sporting events to take place. Disney is shut down right now, almost across all of it’s divisions yet people think they have tons of money and aren’t effected.

  28. Considering most people are having their jobs on hold or been laid off will probably make this a extremely bad time to raise prices. We had planned a trip later this year however I’m thinking of reconsidering. Why save even more money for food & drinks when I can plan a different vacation somewhere else for a cheaper price where they aren’t price gouging the people visiting. Ridiculous.

  29. Yikes, as usual Disney prices continue to go up and up and up. We cut out TS everyday, go to the parks less often. We may have to skip a few trips now.

  30. Personally I think it stinks! It’s expensive enough for families to visit the parks, and now raising the prices for food is outrageous! Plus add on the raised prices for park tickets, Plus add hotel & flight or train or car rental and now additional $$ for food. You’d have to save about a month and a half’s salary for a family of 4 to afford to go.

  31. As someone on keto, I welcome that change. I splurge on the food when I’m there, but that will help keep me from going toooo far.

  32. Even with this closure it is hard to believe that they aren’t still keeping their head above water. They make money everytime that a Disney item is sold on the planet. Why can’t they keep prices low on items that families need and raise prices on the things that are for the most part adults only like alcohol, spa, golf (if they have it, I don’t follow it), and things like that?

  33. The hot dog appears to come topped now, as opposed to the non-topped hot dog that was served with chips – not too terrible of a change.

  34. Wow everything going on and there raising prices unbelievable like there not ridiculously high as it is. We have been going every year for almost 30 years sometimes twice a year and they just keep raising prices and giving less services very sad.

  35. I would say yes, some people are worried about food price changes, especially in our new economy. Also, you can’t really blame KTP for providing less than exciting content when the parks are closed!

  36. Thank you for the Heads-Up Information! As Annual Passholders who have had 2 vacations canceled so far, we are watching the FREE DINING options very closely. Keep up the Great Work!!!

  37. Hot Dog ($10.49) on its own seems to now include the Jerk Brisket – so really its the $12.49 combo with no side

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