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Permanent Entertainment Cuts at Epcot

Permanent Entertainment Cuts at Epcot

While the closing of Disney World parks is temporary, a few entertainment acts at Epcot are closing permanently.

The entertainment acts around Epcot’s World Showcase represent the culture of that country, and they are also amazing!

From the Jeweled acrobats in China to Sergio the juggler in Italy, there are many opportunities to experience what makes each country unique. I love grabbing a snack from the country I am visiting and grabbing a spot to watch the performing act.

However, we know entertainment acts are part of budget cuts. We saw The Muppets Present…Great Moments in American History become a seasonal act back when the show was cut back in October.

Most recently, Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away ended at Disney’s Hollywood Studios just last month.

Closing of "Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away" Happening Earlier than Expected

We just learned that two acts in the World Showcase will be ending permanently when the park closes at the end of the day today.

Matsuriza Taiko Drummers at Japan Pavilion

The Matsuriza drummers are a Japanese drumming act that is very artistic and very entertaining. They perform very intricate musical arrangements on giant drums.

According to the Disney website, Japanese Taiko drums have been enthralling audiences for years in religious ceremonies, festivals, and even on battlefields as soldiers prayed for victory.

I am so glad I recently caught this amazing performance one last time!

Today is their last day performing at Japan Pavilion. Their act will permanently end at the end of the day today.

British Revolution Band at UK Pavilion

Another permanent entertainment cut is happening over in the UK Pavilion. The British Revolution Band is also ending their set at the end of the day today.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing

They offer a variety of classic rock n roll from the 1960s and 1970s with a British flair. Elton John, The Who, The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, and The Rolling Stones are just a few of the musical performers they covered during their sets.

The popular cover band announced this information via their facebook page:

We are hopeful new performing acts will make their way to Epcot’s World Showcase in the future!

What do you think of these changes to the entertainment line up? Let us know over on facebook.



  1. I say goodbye and good riddance. Those acts were very noisy and disruptive. We already have a film out that takes place in Italy, so replace the noisy juggler with a Luca and gang meet-and-greet.

  2. We always enjoy both of these acts and hope something else good comes in? Disney might not have any say in continuing these? Sometimes the acts want to do something else!

  3. Right on, Aaron. Don’t forget Mary Poppins in the UK! Oh, and the Beauty and the Beast Sing-a-long in France. Let’s bring Aladdin to Morocco. Awful…Jump the shark

  4. World showcase’s purpose is to experience and educate people about other countries and there customs and traditions. Not to tie in an animated film like Frozen in the Norway pavilion, or Ratatouille the France pavilion. What’s next… Pocahontas in the USA pavilion?

  5. Our family has always enjoyed these acts but this is not the first time Disney has done away with special acts- in the late 90’s they had a troupe in Italy that looked like jesters and performed.-I can’t remember the acts name but they were extremely talented and one year they were just gone!- Perhaps they are removing some acts to bring us new experiences? Knowing Disney I am sure whatever it is -it will be great! Just hope they can re-open before our visit May 3rd- Til then hope everyone has a Magical Day!

  6. I am very sad and upset about the cuts. We never missed seeing Off Kilter and they are gone. Now they’re cutting our never miss group, The British Revolution. Boo to you, Disney!!!!

  7. The worst decision ever made was cutting the World Showcase Players!!! We never got tired of their hilarious shows with audience participation. We still miss those talented people and no new show even comes close to their high level of entertainment!

  8. What they may not cut permenantley is the Oktoberfest Musikanten, Voices of Liberty, Marrakesh entertainment, Serveur Amusant, and Mariachi Cobre. They may stop doing shows until the park reopens which indicates they may not be cut forever just Sergio, Matsuriza, and British Rev to be the ones cut forever.

  9. That just sucks. Can’t believe Disney does this kind of thing … just sad … it’s not like they can’t afford it. Silly and shortsighted. They have a wonderful product, but they can also be such bloodsucking money hungry vultures. Sadly, these cuts are so unnecessary; cumulatively, these types of things/entertainment experiences are what makes Disney .. Disney. Bottom line, Walt wouldn’t do this.

  10. They’re taking away the things that I like about Epcot, it started with Off Kilter. I’m gonna lose my enthusiasm for going there.

  11. we are ending our week stay at disney today, i just didn’t feel the disney vibe this whole trip. i felt that cm’s were not as enthusiastic about their jobs and that cleanliness and guests were not put first as they always have been. i know it was a tough week for disney with the news of closures and cp terminations, but even before these things were announced disney was still lacking earlier this week.

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