Home Disney Entertainment Disney-fy Your Child’s Remote Learning With These Disney Writing Prompts

Disney-fy Your Child’s Remote Learning With These Disney Writing Prompts

Disney-fy Your Child's Remote Learning With These Disney Writing Prompts

Schools around the country are closing for two weeks or more as the United States attempts to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Parents are now trying to homeschool their children. Are you looking for fun writing activities for your child? We’ve got you covered!

As parents are faced with homeschooling their children, many are unsure where to begin.

I personally love to write, and I know how important writing skills are, so I’m encouraging my children to write often. My topic of choice is Disney of course!

Parents of Disney-obsessed children: if you’re looking for some Disney fun to add to your remote learning, look no further.

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I’ll go over some different writing genres elementary students cover around the United States, and suggest some writing prompts that will allow students to practice them.

These prompts are geared towards children in grades K-5. If you have older kids feel free to adjust to their age level. You can require your child to do some additional research on the topic. You could also write an opposing response and have them debate that as well. The opportunities for writing are endless!

Opinion Writing

Encouraging writers to express personal opinions is an important part of the learning process.  Writing is a wonderful way for children to not only express their opinions but to also encourage strength and validity in their opinions.

Writers should choose their opinion and stand firm to it.  It is also important to have evidence to back it up.  For example, it is easy to say “the best ride is Splash Mountain.”  However, this opinion is weak without any evidence to support it.  What makes Splash Mountain so great?

Here are a few writing prompts that will encourage your child to write about their opinion.

  • Since Disney World has closed for now, what do you think Mickey and Minnie are doing with all of their free time?
  • What is your favorite Disney snack?  Why?
  • Why is it better to use a FastPass for rides instead of waiting in the Standby Line?
  • Which Disney character would you most like to spend the day with at Disney World?  What would you do together?  What questions would you ask them?
  • Which Disney Park is the best? Give reasons for your answer.
  • Which Disney Princess is the best? Give reasons for your answer.
  • Which Disney hero is the best? Give reasons for your answer.
  • Which Disney Villain is the most evil? Give reasons for your answer.
  • Which Disney ride is the best? Give reasons for your answer.
  • Do you think Disney vacation planning is necessary? Why or why not?
  • Which character meal is the best in Disney World? Give reasons for your answer.
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Informational Writing

Informational Writing is very different from opinion and narrative writing, in that informational writing is factual.  I would argue that informational writing is the most fun for children because it is through this writing that children can show what they are experts in.  (Of course, our Pirate Crew children are all experts in all things Disney!)

In informational writing, students tell all of the facts they can about a topic.  They may also need to do research to check their facts.

Depending on their age, research can look very different.  Younger children can use pictures in a non-fiction text, or watch an informational film.  Older children might read a factual book or visit a webpage about the topic.

Here are some informational writing prompts that will encourage your child to share their expertise.

  • Write about how to use your Magic Band in Disney World.
  • Write about how to pack a suitcase for a Disney World vacation.
  • Write a story all about one of the Disney Parks, teaching the reader everything you know about that park.
  • Think about how Elsa froze Arendelle.  What would happen if the town you lived in became “Frozen” during the summer?  What problems would your town face?
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When writing a narrative, it is important for children to remember they are writing about a meaningful moment in their life.  So they should choose a prompt that they have a lot to say about!  The more passionate they are about the prompt, the more exciting the narrative will be.

Children should select a prompt that will help them tell a story they want to share with others.  

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Here are some narrative writing prompts that will encourage your child to tell their stories.

  • What was your “best day ever” in Disney World? 
  • What is your best memory from Disney World?
  • What is your worst memory from Disney World?
  • What was your scariest moment in Disney World?
  • What was the most memorable character interaction you’ve had at Disney World?
  • Write about how you traveled to Disney World.  What transportation did you use?  
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Final Thoughts

Have your child illustrate or even scrapbook some of these writing prompts! They would make a fun project and sweet keepsake to help you remember this time at home with your kids!

The writing prompts you and your children come up with are truly endless. Letting them be involved too and allow their creative side to come out is an added bonus to all this. You could make an afternoon with writing prompts, Disney music, and your favorite Disney snack!

Are you looking for more fun Disney inspired learning activities? Check out Amanda’s fun Disney Sight Word Game!

If these prompts are helpful to you, we’d love you to share your child’s responses on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook Page, or join our crew and post them there!

Jamie Fonseca

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