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Primeval Whirl will Open on a Seasonal Basis This Spring

Disney Reverses Decision to Operate Primeval Whirl Seasonally

Primeval Whirl will open on a seasonal basis at Disney’s Animal Kingdom this spring! Guests visiting will be able to enjoy the attraction on select dates.

During busy holiday months, Disney will open the now-seasonal attraction, Primeval Whirl, at Animal Kingdom. Most recently, it was open during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons in order to accommodate the influx of guests visiting.

What is Primeval Whirl?

Primeval Whirl is a spinning wild-mouse style roller coaster that dips, dives, jerks, and spins aka it gives you motion sickness and/or an awful headache. It is not my favorite attraction at Disney World for these reasons!

Why is Disney's Animal Kingdom's Primeval Whirl closed?

It seats four guests per car with two double pull-down bar restraints.

Why is Primeval Whirl a seasonal attraction?

Primeval Whirl became a seasonal ride back in May.

Back in May 2019, a 6 year old boy was critically injured on a Primeval Whirl carbon copy ride known as Twister at Lightwater Valley Park in the United Kingdom. Both rides were designed and built by Reverchon Industries.

With this incident in the mind of Disney executives and ride investigators, Disney chose to close the ride until further inspections were done. Disney truly does feel that Safety is the number one key to success.

The ride was inspected extensively and has been open during the busy holiday seasons, as mentioned above. The ride vehicles sit vacant, only opening during peak times when there are more guests.

It’s still unclear why the ride is only open seasonally since inspections were completed and the ride does open on during busy times.

When will Primeval Whirl be open?

Guests visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be able to experience the attraction on March 21, 22, 23, 28, and 29. It’s worth nothing FastPass+ will NOT be offered for this ride.

Be sure to add Primeval Whirl to your touring plans on Character Locator if you wish to experience it during your stay in March!

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