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Breaking: People Mover Trains Collide at Magic Kingdom

Breaking: People Mover Trains Collide at Magic Kingdom
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This morning two Tomorrowland Transit Authority trains collided at the Magic Kingdom. Read on for more details.

According to various users on Twitter, two Tomorrowland Transit Authority trains collided this morning in the Magic Kingdom on the Peoplemover attraction.

Guests shared pictures of the collision, and it is difficult to tell from the pictures exactly what is happening.

the Peoplemover goes all throughout tomorrowland

No injuries have been reported as of this writing. We at Kenny the Pirate sincerely hope that all guests involved were uninjured and that they get some serious Fastpass+ love from the mouse for having endured such a scary incident.

Cinderella Castle as viewed from the Peoplemover

The Twitterverse is mocking the incident as just another piece of evidence that things are falling apart at the seams under Bob Chapek’s leadership.

More than likely, it’s just some unfortunate timing for Disney’s new CEO. Between the Jungle Cruise boat incident yesterday, the heavy police presence near Epcot, and continued closings of the Asian Disney parks due to the coronavirus it’s been a tough week for the Disney Parks family.

alternate view of the Peoplemover, which tours Tomorrowland continuously.

Neither of these incidents will affect my family’s touring plans. My son absolutely loves the Peoplemover and probably considers it one of the top three attractions at the Magic Kingdom (he’s not big on thrills).

my son, in yelllow, enjoys the people mover with his cousins

As for the Jungle Cruise, it’s my husband’s absolute favorite. Plus, the skipper knew exactly what to do.

Plus, the twitter user who first shared the photos of their boat with water covering their feet reassured us that wet feet was the worst of the incident.

We will share more information, or write another post when and if Disney Parks releases an official statement.

What do you think? Do either of these incidents make you nervous for your next park visit? Think it is indicative of an overall trend of a lack of attention to park operations? Let us know in the comments on Facebook, and let’s keep the conversation going in our Facebook group.


  1. My wife and I got stuck on Pirates of the Caribbean one time. Took about ten minutes before the lights came up. Does kind of change your view on the ride a little when you see it all uncovered. We sat there another 15 minutes waiting for them to “fix” the problem and repeatedly listen to the recording telling us to stay seated. Finally when people were getting really tired of it, they told us people were coming to help us off the ride. Men in waders had to come into the water to release the boats one at a time and move them to the side where we could step out. Probably about 45 minutes from beginning to end. We were warned repeatedly that we had to go behind the scenes to get out and ABSOLUTELY no pics, and to not discuss it with anyone. At the end of a long dark winding walk inside the ride, where you could hardly see (I fell on one knee- lady in front of us fell down on both) we exited. We were late getting started on mickey’s Christmas party that we had bought tickets for- and they gave us one fast pass each for 1 ride. Really felt they dropped the ball on that one.

  2. While I feel for the people involved I think these rides and attractions are as safe as can be. I’m sure they are inspected regularly and for as many of billions Of hours they have been going these minor incidents are ok. Now if Disney does nothing about it that’s a different story. Just my two cents!

  3. The wheelchair boat has a raised platform on which the chair rides. The chair would never have been near the water or in danger of even getting the wheels wet. My husband is a quad and we always rife the Jungle Cruise.

  4. I got stuck in Space Ship Earth with my Granddaughter who at the time was five ( now 13) we sat looking at the Earth for awhile the lights came on an we were told we would have to evacuate! Everyone started to grumble my Granddaughter jumps up Best Day Ever we get to see inside SSE! She was so excited everyone’s attitude just changed her happiness was so overwhelming it affected everyone! Things happen we don’t like but as the saying goes if you are dealt a lemon just make the lemonade! One of our best memories to this day!

  5. As far as the Jungle Cruise goes you said the skipper knew what to do and someone said wet feet was the worst part but what would have been done for someone on the boat in a wheelchair? I have lifesaving equipment under my wheelchair and that lift was under water. Yeah my feet would have been fine and no big deal but this could have been a lot worse for someone with medical equipment or a power chair.

  6. My family was actually in a Peoplemover crash a few year ago. We were about to go into the dark area above Buzz when our car slammed into a stopped car in front of us. We were then hit by the car behind us and several cars behind us continued to knock into the row of stopped cars. We were all okay…it was like intense bumper cars, but after being hit several times it was a little surreal/scary as we just kept watching cars continue to come along the track and hit the row. I think we were stuck up there for half an hour or so before being evacuated. We were given a bottle of water and an anytime fastpass.

  7. After all of these issues I think Disney needs to take a better look to make sure it is not human error and or mechanical error. Folks pay a small fortune to go to Disney and save up for a long time and to have all this in just over a 24 hour time period is concerning as far as the issues. It will not detour me from coming to the parks unless it would continue over a period of time.z

  8. Me and 3 of my family members got stuck on the top of Everest and had to walk down from the highest point of the coaster and all they did was give us back our FP and they kinda made it sound like we were getting a special treat to see the inside of the coaster but it is what it is things happen and I am just glad that no one got hurt

  9. When we were there in December, Peter Pan lurched forward and abruptly stopped as we were disembarking. My toddler slammed his head against the bar in front of him, he was very scared and so was I, until I realized that the bar had a very thick foam pad that absorbed the impact. No cast member even seemed to notice the incident, so it left me a little uncomfortable. I would have expected Magic Kingdom to be just a little more on top of it.

  10. Most people in the Jungle Cruise boat that sank just got wet feet. For my wife who use a power wheelchair, this would have been a nightmare because her chair would have been fried.

  11. None of these events make me nervous. I can’t figure out how two People Mover vehicles would collide, but it’s okay.

What do you think?

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