Home Disney News Breaking News: Jungle Cruise Boat Sinks at Magic Kingdom

Breaking News: Jungle Cruise Boat Sinks at Magic Kingdom

Breaking News: Jungle Cruise Boat Sinks at Magic Kingdom

A Jungle Cruise boat sank this afternoon at the Magic Kingdom! Read on to see what we know so far.

A boat sank today at the Jungle Cruise attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

UPDATE: Disney has released a statement. The Statement can be found here.

Apparently this occurred with guests on board the boat.

The boat was in shallow waters at the time of the incident, which was around 12:30 p.m.

The boat did take on water. The attraction reopened around 2:00 this afternoon.

No guest injuries have been reported yet. We here at Kenny the Pirate hope that no one was injured!

The Jungle Cruise is a fan favorite attraction, and it’s one that has been around since the beginning. It saddens me to hear that any guest had a less than memorable time on this ride.

Disney takes guest safety so very seriously, and I’m sure the incident was handled well by the trained skipper. Still, that would be so scary!

We will continue to keep you updated as new information develops!

Have you ridden the Jungle Cruise? Did you ever have a close call at a Walt Disney World attraction?

Let us know in the comments on Facebook. Keep the conversation going with us on our friendly Pirate Crew group.

-Rebecca W Davis

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  1. Had a close call on the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride. We went under a bridge where a real pirate was sitting over the edge. Got so close that I could see the hair on his leg. Luckily he didn’t jump in our boat.

  2. Once we hit the buoy on the boat coming out of Disney. It was really scary actually but we didn’t sink. We did get stuck for awhile and almost missed our shuttle home.

  3. I rode it once and the entire time we were so close to taking on water that I never rode it again and then when we were getting off it almost tilted over!!! lol I was laughing the waters not that deep and I can swim if it was just a funny moment and never have been in it again

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