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Tokyo Disney Closing due to Coronavirus

Tokyo Disney Extends Closure (Again)
Photo Credit: Disney

Tokyo Disney is taking extra precautions with the spread of the Coronavirus. They are closing but will reopen soon.

With the threat of Coronavirus, Tokyo Disney has been encouraging guests to not visit if they were feeling cold-like symptoms or feeling unwell for the last month.

Also, they suggested guests wash their hands frequently and if their physical condition worsened or they felt sick while in the park to let a Cast Member know. Cast Members also started wearing face masks.

The threat of the virus is not slowing down. As a precaution, the two theme parks will be closed temporarily from February 29, 2020 until March 15, 2020. Tokyo Disney is set to reopen on March 16, 2020.

Disney is always working to keep guests’ safety and happiness a top priority. Having large crowds of people gather with this virus spreading is not the best idea. It is a wise choice of them to be cautious and keeping the guest’s safety and health behind every decision.

Shanghai Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland continue to remain temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I know Disney is not making these decisions lightly as many people plan these vacations months to years in advance.

As a fellow Disney goer, I love to visit because of how well Disney does maintaining the parks. However, not every germ can be stopped from spreading.

A few of the best things we can all do if we are at the parks or even at home is washing our hands using good technique. I know we all got taught when we were growing up, but good hand hygiene is a must right now.

Another tip is to stay home if you are not feeling well. I know this sounds awful when you have spent so much time and money planning a Disney vacation. However, it really is for the best – not just for you but for other Disney guests.

Fellow writer, Christina, wrote about some great ways to stay healthy on a trip to Disney.

I am really hoping that this virus stops spreading soon and does get any worse than it already has.

To all our readers, we wish you good health and fun trips! Stay healthy crew!

What do you think of Tokyo Disneyland temporarily closing? Do you think that Disneyland or Disney World will close if the virus spreads here? Let us know by commenting on the Kenny the Pirate Facebook page.

-Heather Alosa

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