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Hollywood Studios Updates Operating Hours for February!

Hollywood Studios Updates Operating Hours for February!

If you are visiting Disney World next month, you will want to read this! Hollywood Studios has just updated its operating hours for many dates in February 2020!

Get those last-minute Slinky Dog Dash or Smuggler’s Run FastPasses before they are gone! Hollywood Studios is updating the opening times for most February dates.

Lately, the popularity of Rise of the Resistance has attracted many guests to Hollywood Studios. The boarding group system has enticed people to arrive early. The crowd levels, in turn, have prompted Walt Disney World to frequently adjust park openings.

These updates have happened several times over the course of the last month and a half. It seems every week we are updating with new hours! I know many of you have asked when February dates would be updated, and I am happy to announce the time has come!

Disney Confirms New Opening Procedures for Rise of the Resistance

Pirate Tip: If your dates have been affected by these extensions, this is a great time to check for newly added FastPasses for your favorite experience. Additional hours means additional FastPass+ could fall within those hours.

As a reminder, Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run recently became a FastPass option, which begins on February 19. This is a Tier 1 FastPass, which means you will have to choose between Smuggler’s Run and Slinky Dog Dash. I chose Smuggler’s Run because I haven’t experienced it yet!

Just a few days ago, we shared dates for late January into early February have been changed.

To see everything you need to know about the updated hours and how they will affect your travel dates, visit Kenny’s FREE Crowd Calendar for February 2020. You will find update hours for the following dates: February 3-29.

Alternatively, you could take a look at the changes in Character Locator and use it to adjust your touring plans.

Did you get a FastPass+ for Slinky Dog Dash or Smuggler’s Run? Let us know over on the facebook page!

-Monica S.


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  1. I will be there the second week of February. The hours were just changed a couple days ago. Only 2 rides (RnR and TSM) have 8am FP. None of the other rides have added them. Is this normal? Is there an expected time frame for them to open for all the rides?

  2. Has anyone gotten an 8am Fastpass for anything on the days opening moved from 9am – 8am? It doesn’t look like anything opened up on my HS day.

  3. We’re coming in July so I know a lot could change but I’m trying to book dining so I want to have a relatively set plan. Do you know how morning EMH in HS will work? Will they start allowing you to get into a boarding group at the EMH time or the full opening? Is it foolish to hope that morning EMH would cut down on the competition for a boarding pass since ppl not staying on site wouldn’t be allowed in as early?

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