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Breaking: Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run is now a Fastpass+ option!

How To Unlock Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run “Chewy Mode”

Thousands of guests pour into Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios daily with anticipation of riding the two newest Star Wars rides. They are usually resigned to waiting in a long line for Millennium Falcon. Here’s the details on how to get a Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run Fastpass.

Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run is on it’s own tier?

It appears that Smuggler’s Run Fastpass is now available as a separate tier in Hollywood Studios. The Fastpass+ appears at the very top of the screen when booking new Fastpasses and can be booked along with any Tier 1 Fastpass, including Slinky Dog Dash, Toy Story Mania, Rock n Roller Coaster or Tower of Terror.

How to book Millennium Falcon Fastpass+

Login to your My Disney Experience account. If you have 3 Fastpasses already booked, then you will need to modify Slinky Dog Dash, because this is now a Tier 1. Tier 1 will be ONLY Slinky Dog Dash and Millennium Falcon beginning February 19, 2020.

I have changed my Fastpass Priorities for Booking on Character Locator to give you an idea of what rides you should look at using Fastpass.

You’ll find the Millennium Falcon listed at the top of the Fastpass+ screen. If you don’t see it there, then it is not available.

Millennium Falco Fastpass+

Select the time that you would prefer to do the attraction, then confirm your choice!

Smuggler's Run Fastpass+

You now have a Millennium Falcon Fastpass+.

Millennium Falcon Smuggler's Run Fastpass+

It’s pretty awesome that this great new ride can now be accessed using the Fastpass+ system and queue, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to trying this out in February

When does it become available?

Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run Fastpass+ does not become available in the system until February 19, 2020. That means that ANY guest can currently reserve this Fastpass+. I booked it for February 22, 2020 the moment that I saw it available. I’m sure that the ones inside the 30 day window will go quickly, so be sure to grab one NOW.

Let us know what day you got in the comments below or use the big blue Facebook button below!



  1. Thanks Kenny!
    With your news on Smuggler’s Run, I was able to get two fastpasses before noon in March!
    Never would have snagged these with reading your updates..

  2. not to mention the errors I get in the app lately and on the website (really, all fastpasses have been distributed for all 4 parks on Feb 20th) makes it really difficult as well. I’m sure it’s really bad because they released these fastpasses but I was seeing errors last Friday when I was in Epcot so it’s not just a load issue and if it is just a load issue, they need to address that.

  3. I know people manage to get SDD fast passes with less than 30 days but I have had no luck in doing so unless the park hours change. I have a feeling there will now be two rides I’ll never see fastpases for. I really don’t know what the solution would be unless more sides end up as Tier 1 like they were or passholders were given an earlier window like 45 days so it wouldn’t be as good as resort guests but better than non-passholders.

    • As people book this ride, I am seeing Slinky being dropped. Both will be gone before 30 days out, like Pandora rides, unless they also add the new Runaway Railway

  4. I reread your post, and you do state that in the first paragraph. But, it’s still early (for me!), and it didn’t sink in that the other attractions moved to Tier 2, and I think that’s pretty good news too! Maybe that’s another post!
    I did the arrive at 6 am to get a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance, and I wasn’t very happy. The whole park was just packed first thing in the morning, and everything was crowded. I really think they should use something like a virtual waiting room to award Boarding Passes.
    Thank you for your patience, and love all the additional content!

    • Things can be confusing as they first release, I had to tweak the post info on Tiers due to my poor explanation :).
      The way they offered Boarding passes the first week was ideal, in my opinion. I don’t care for the mass group booking approach

  5. I see that now. But, Tower of Terror and Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster are now Tier 2. And Toy Story Mania. If I look at the dates before Feb 19th, they are all Tier 1.

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