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News: Refurbishment Announced for Big Thunder Mountain for 2020

News: Refurbishment Announced for Big Thunder Mountain for 2020
Credit: Disney

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a popular coaster located in the Frontierland section of the Magic Kingdom park. During this ride, guests race through a haunted gold mine aboard a speeding train.

The ride is designed based on a legend that when gold was first discovered during America’s Gold Rush in the 1850s, eerie things began to occur. Trains would race through tunnels by themselves.

This ride is based at the Big Thunder Mining Company where guests descend into an abandoned mine shaft and board a train. Your train will dodge exploding dynamite and boulders as you dart through the ghost town of Tumbleweed.

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Sounds fun, right? Well if you have plans to ride it during your trip in 2020 be aware:

Disney calendars reflect that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will be closed for refurbishment from May 4-21, 2020 at the Magic Kingdom.

Big Thunder joins Test Track, WDW Railroad, Kali River Rapids, and Splash Mountain as all are being refurbished around Disney World parks in 2020.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is known for being bumpy and jerky, but includes no loops or “upside-down” coaster elements.

Oftentimes, guests plan to ride this ride in conjunction with the other “mountains of the Magic Kingdom”: Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. For ideas on how to best fit Big Thunder Mountain into your touring plan alongside all of the other attractions at the Magic Kingdom, be sure to check out Character Locator.

The last refurbishment for this ride was noted in August of 2016. Historically, this ride is closed for refurbishment for just a short time, as is scheduled for the May 4-21, 2020 refurbishment. This most likely means that the ride is closed for maintenance only.

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Do you have a trip planned for May of 2020? Will this closure impact your plans?

-Jaelyn Winkle


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