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Breaking: Ride Refurbishment Scheduled at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Breaking: Ride Refurbishment Scheduled at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Information has just been released about an upcoming ride refurbishment at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Many ride refurbishments have been announced for 2020 including Test Track at Epcot and Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom. Now another headliner joins the list.

If you have an upcoming trip planned to the Animal Kingdom, be sure to take this information into account!

Kali River Rapids will be closed for refurbishment starting on January 6, 2020. This lengthy refurbishment process will continue until approximately March 21, 2020, when the ride is slated to reopen.

This closure may impact some early Spring Break travel, so guests of the Animal Kingdom should definitely keep this information in mind when planning itineraries and grabbing FastPasses.

Kali River Rapids is a raft ride that truly allows guests to experience the beauty of the environment. Disney is known for paying close attention to detail, and they certainly continue that tradition with this ride.

Rapids flow past waterfalls, through rainforests, by temple ruins, and under the tropical canopy.

This 12-person raft ride allows for guests to experience a “free float” in the current as they are washed down through the rapids and waves.

Because there is no track and the raft is allowed to float freely, each trip allows for a different and exciting experience. No two rides of Kali River Rapids are the same.

Guests are typically soaked at the end of riding this family-friendly attraction. Because it is best for hot days, this is most likely why Disney planned the refurbishment for the traditionally cooler months of January, February, and March.

Lockers for mobile devices and other items you want to stay dry are located near the ride’s entrance. It might be in your best interest to pack some flip flops for this ride and to place your walking shoes in a locker.

Kali River Rapids has a height requirement of 38″ and rider switch is available for this attraction.

FastPasses are suggested for this attraction. Kenny has many other great suggestions for FP selections and tips for making the best of your time in the paks on Character Locator.

Do you have plans to make a trip to Disney in January-March? Will this closure impact your plans?

-Jaelyn Winkle


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  1. Kali Rapids aren’t listed as closed on Disney’s website for when we visit in Jan (Splash Mountain and Test Track sadly are) so I just phoned guest services. The lady on the phone was pretty clueless (didn’t even know what the Kali River Rapids were/where they were to start with) but once she’d figured it she assured me it was open in Jan. Anyone have a link to confirmation either way?

    (Sorry if this is a repeat. Typed a moment ago but comment seemed to disappear)

      • thanks, disappointing news. Our kids love water rides so to have Splash Mountain and Kali closed at the same time for what is likely to be our only ever visit is a real shame. Disappointed by the clueless lady on the phone too and that it’s still not on their website calendar. Keep up the great work!

      • They usually close them in January due to colder weather. When they are open in colder weather, they are walk on

  2. Well that headline was a bit terrifying. Kali usually goes down this time of year, and I agree with Rose that it’s a good time to do it because it can be pretty cold sometimes. From the headline, I expected Everest, or Dinosaur, or one of the Pandora rides. People will still click on the article if you put the name, as you have with the haunted mansion refurb on the main page.

  3. Living here in FL & only about an hour south of all the parks, I think this is a great time to shut that ride down. Better to do it then & not when it’s hot as you know what!

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