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Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Menu Changes Again


After several weeks of changing menu names back and forth, it seems as if Disney has settled on new names.

When guests first entered Batuu back in August they noticed some immersive names for menu items. Items like Braised Shaak Roast and Smoked Kaadu Ribs were entrees available for guests to purchase.

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Just a few weeks ago, Disney decided to replace those unique entree names and with more regular names. A reason was not given although it was likely to avoid confusion among guests.

Then, another change back to Batuuan names took place making the situation even more confusing than the names themselves!

Well, it seems as if today they have settled on a happy medium! They have mixed the unique and traditional names to create hybrid entree names so guests are still immersed in the land but entree names are more recognizable. Check out this photo Kenny took of the menu this morning:

Batuuan Beef Pot Roast and Smoked Kaaud Pork Ribs are a perfect mix of both Batuuan-inspired and traditional names!

What do you think of all the changes to the menu names? Are you happy with what they settled on?

-Monica S.


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