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Tips for Taking Babies to Disney

Tips for Taking Babies to Disney
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Do you want to introduce your newest family member to the wonder of Disney but aren’t sure how to manage a magical vacation with an infant? I’ve got you covered. I have a ton of tips and tricks to make Disney with baby a breeze.

I have taken babies, toddlers, and older children to Disney, and surprisingly I think babies are the easiest to take on vacation to the House of Mouse! They go with the flow and don’t have any expectations for vacation! Having some tricks in your back pocket to bust out when needed will make your vacation go smoothly.

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There is no “perfect” season to take your baby to Disney. You are either dealing with the heat, flu season, or hurricanes. You may consider going during spring or summer though to avoid the germs of fall and winter. Illnesses are serious for babies, especially if they are very young or not vaccinated (this is NOT a debate on vaccines, just factors to consider!)

Mom tip #1: Make sure your baby carrier has a hood (or bring a hat) to shield your infant’s head from the sun, rain, and other elements.

Mom tip #2: Bring the largest clear poncho (or a trash bag) possible in case of rain. You will ruin it but you can put it over your stroller in case of a downpour!

Mom tip #3: Attach a portable fan onto your stroller to keep the baby from overheating. Also, indoor rides and shows are a great place to escape from the heat and cool off. Consider using Character Locator to plan your itinerary and make sure those indoor places are evenly spaced throughout the day.

Babies don’t need table food. Most can get along just fine with milk alone for the first year of life, and however they get that is much easier if you streamline your feeding routine. We stopped solids for my 7 month old during our trip because she didn’t “need” it, and it saved us prep and feeding time.

Mom tip #4: The baby care centers are amazing! They have private nursing rooms, changing tables, sinks (great for rinsing out pumping supplies and bottles), a microwave, air conditioning, high chairs, and baby items for sale in case you forget something. Use them! The rest of your family can hang out with you (and watch tv) or do a couple of rides nearby. Character Locator has Baby care center locations listed! 

Mom tip #5: Utilize your room and other places where you may be sitting to feed your baby.  Making sure the baby is fed anytime you’re in your room will save you the headache of feeding in the parks. If you’re spending 20-30 minutes watching a show or eating, you can also feed your baby and not waste time.

Mom tip #6: If you have an older baby or don’t want to stop solid food, baby food pouches are a great option instead of jars. No spoons to wash and the baby can feed him/herself!

Mom tip #7: Don’t be ashamed of how or where you feed your baby. Florida laws do not prohibit public breastfeeding.

Let your baby participate in the fun! You would be surprised how many rides don’t have height requirements. My daughter loved meeting the characters (we have cute photos to prove it), and she watched the parade and fireworks with the rest of us.

Mom tip #8: A baby carrier is really convenient for character meets and rides because you don’t have to worry about getting the baby in and out of the stroller. Plus, they get to see everything going on! My mom got really comfortable with it and carried my daughter for a good chunk of the trip. It’s a great opportunity to bond with the baby!

Mom tip #9: Use rider swap if you have little ones who don’t meet height requirements. Basically, you stay behind with your baby (or toddler) while the rest of your party rides. When they come back you can skip the line and ride (and bring up to 2 people with you).

Mom tip #10: There are tons of special activities your baby can participate in. My daughter got her first haircut (and ears!) at Harmony Barber Shop (check out my fellow KtP writer’s post about Harmony), and she also got her photos taken at the little photo studio next to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Magic Kingdom. Doing these little activities gave our family some wonderful memories and made us feel like our daughter was part of the trip!

Babies will sleep anywhere. They will sleep in your arms, in your baby carrier (Ergo 360 is my favorite), in the stroller, in a pack-n-play, or in bed. This makes it incredibly easy to move through your park day without needing to worry about naptime, and your little one can sleep through nighttime festivities if you want to stay out later.

Mom tip #11: Consider transportation like the monorail, ferry boat, or skyliner when possible if you have a stroller. You do not have to fold them down as you do on the bus, and your baby’s nap will not be interrupted. Staying at a resort that uses these forms of transportation will make your traveling easier.

Mom tip #12: You can request a crib or pack-n-play to be delivered to your resort so do not worry about bringing one! I would bring a couple of extra crib sheets though in case you want to use your own or need to change them during your trip.

Your stroller and diaper bag will be your best friend for navigating through the parks. It’s unreal how much you can stuff in the bottom of your stroller or in your bag! Just don’t overstuff it or else you will be digging through it all when you need something.

Mom tip #13: Label your stroller with a ribbon, tag, or laminated sign to easily identify it in the endless sea of strollers. I’ve also seen some people hang battery-operated lights on their strollers which makes it fun at night!

Mom tip #14: Find a diaper bag that has a lot of compartments to keep your things organized. Some necessities include diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, extra changes of clothes, baby medications, nursing cover, bottles, formula, and food pouches/jars.

What other tips do you have for Disney-ing with a baby? I would love to hear them!

-Monica S.

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