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How to meet Sailor Donald Duck at Walt Disney World

How to meet Sailor Donald Duck at Waltt Disney World

I’m often asked where a guest can meet Donald Duck in his classic “Sailor” costume in Walt Disney World.  It used to be really easy when he met at the Epcot Character Spot, but in 2015 it can be quite tricky to find him in this costume.

How to meet Sailor Donald Duck at Waltt Disney World KennythePirate

As of July 2015, Donald Duck doesn’t offer any regular meet and greets or character meals in his traditional blue sailor outfit.   The only opportunities that you MIGHT find him in this costume are Epcot Character Training and Character Palooza.  There’s no set schedules for these offerings, but the posts linked above will provide you with some good information that might allow you to meet him while you are visiting.  At Epcot Character Training, your best bets would be the American Adventure gate or World Showplace gate.

Here’s a few of the costumes I’ve met Donald Duck wearing in Disney Parks and resorts:

Donald Duck near the Menehune Bridge at Disney's Aulani in Ohau Hawaii
Donald Duck at Aulani

Disney's Hollywood Studios meet and greet Donald Duck
Donald Duck at Hollywood Studios

Donald Duck in Patriotic Revolutionary War costumes in Epcot's American Adventure
Donald Duck at Epcot for July 4th

Donald Duck in his blue sailor suit at Disney World Animal Kingdom meet and greet
Donald met briefly in 2014 in his Sailor costume in Animal Kingdom

Donald appears as Caballero in Epcot

Donald aug 2012 (60)
Donald used to appear at Epcot Character Spot

Stormtrooper Donald Star Wars Weekends 2012
Stormtrooper Donald Star Wars Weekends

Donald appeared briefly as a Knight at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

daisy and donald facebook (2)
Donald as he appears in his 1940’s costume at Hollywood Studios

Donald Dec 2012 xmas resort akl (7)
Donald in snowflake sweater at Disney World resorts during Christmas season

Donald Chef Mickeys 2011 (2)
Donald at Chef Mickey’s

Donald 2012 DCA (3)
Donald as he appeared at California Adventure in 2012

Daisy & Donald 2009 DCL
Donald as he appeared on Disney Cruise in 2009

Donald Duck Animal Kingdom 2011
Donald Duck Animal Kingdom’s Tusker House

Donald Duck Animal Kingdom 2012
Donald Duck Christmas costume at Animal Kingdom

Donald EP 2012 (1)
Sailor Donald at Epcot Character Training American Adventure gate

Donald demonstrates how to charm the snake.  It's a Cobra.  I asked him if he knew how to charm a Shelby Cobra.  He told me to see Daisy for that.
Donald as snake charmer in the Magic Kingdom

Winter Wonderland Chip Dale Daisy Donald (3)
Canada Donald as he appeared for Winter Wonderland celebration

Donald Duck as Davy Crockett in Magic Kingdom in 2012
Donald Crockett as he appeared in Magic Kingdom in 2012

Disneyland 2012
Donald in Disneyland 2012

Cape May Cafe 2008
Donald Duck at Cape May Cafe 2008

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012
Pumpkin Donald Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Donald AK 300x300
Regular Ranger Costume at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Tusker House 2005
Tusker House 2005

Donald Duck Rock your summer side dance party at Hollywood Studios June 2014
Hollywood Studios summer dance parties

Donald Duck as Devil at Inventions Brunch in Disneyland Paris 2014
Donald Duck as Devil at Inventions Brunch in Disneyland Paris 2014

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom November 2014 (82)
Donald at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Walt Disney World, Character Meet and Greet, Halloween, Fort Wilderness, Donald Duck, Pluto
Donald Duck at Fort Wilderness on Halloween night

Donald Training at Epcot World Showplace (1)
Donald Duck at Epcot Training at World Showplace

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  1. I’m so jealous of all the times you got to meet my Donald I’m 41 and going for my first time in 18 days. All I have ever dreamed about is meeting and hugging Donald Duck. I really hope I can find him. My in-laws have gone every year since I’ve known them (10yrs) and they say its very very rare to see him. I’m hoping your tips still work. Thank you!

  2. Hi Kenny, does Donald still dress up as Davy Crockett? And is his costume the same in Cretaceous Trail as it is in Tusker House? Thanks!

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