Home Disney World Special characters update for 8:00pm Fantasmic! showtimes

Special characters update for 8:00pm Fantasmic! showtimes

Captain Hook at Character Palooza at Hollywood Studios

Character Palooza 2019 Schedule


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  1. Hi Kennythepirate! Someone had posted pictures of them at Charcaterpalooza from a few days ago and they said Characterpalooza was moved to Sunset near Tower of Terror because of all the congestion from the Frozen Sing Along… can u confirm this?? I am there in a couple weeks and do not want to go to the wrong location (especially since they are so far away from each other!!) Thanks so much!

  2. Here you say in nights there is an 8pm fantastic the times are 3:30/5:10 for CP, but on your schedule for the 21 (with an 8pm fantastic) it’s still showing as 4:50. What time should we plan on?

    Thanks do much for your help!

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