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Disney World Crowd Calendar June 2020

Disney World Crowd Calendar June 2020

The Disney World Crowd Calendar June 2020 begins the busy summer season at Walt Disney World, so the crowd calendar is Orange for Heavy Crowds.  You can still enjoy the parks by going to a green park, arriving at least 60 minutes before rope drop and following one of my touring plans to get the most out of your day.

I recommend the strategy of arriving early and taking a mid-afternoon break.  Go for a swim with the kids and enjoy the pool, then take a nap of an hour or so before returning to a park for evening entertainment and rides.

Disney World Crowd Calendar June 2020

Will the park hours for Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom be extended?

Yes, it’s possible that the park hours will extend for many dates in June.  Disney usually releases preliminary hours, then adds hours the closer you get to your trip.

What will the weather be like during your June trip?

It still gets hot in beginning in May and into June, especially later in the month, with an average high of 89 and average low of 65, and it gets humid in Orlando.  Dress in light colors and wear comfortable shoes with socks that breathe.

Bring a small, handheld fan for each child.  Bring a poncho for each person and a stroller cover because there’s often afternoon thunderstorms in the summer.  June is in the upper 3rd in terms of rainy days, especially second half of the month

  • Average high temperature:  89°F
  • Average low temperature:  65°F
  • Mean temperature:  77°F
  • Record high temperature:  100°F (1967)
  • Average Precipitation:  3.10 in.

Should I use Extra Magic Hours privilege?

Avoid the trap of visiting a park on its longest hours day.  More people will be there and the wait times can be 30% to 100% higher than other days.

If you are planning to use Extra Magic Hours, use the morning ones, they are a great benefit, if you leave after lunch or parade time.  Avoid the parks that offer evening Extra Magic Hours because they have large crowds at night and many rides have long lines (Hollywood Studios and Epcot).

The exception would be the Magic Kingdom late at night because most guests won’t stay up from 1am to 3am in the morning.  If you choose a Late Extra Magic Hour park, you should plan to sleep in the next day.

Disney World Extra magic hours attractions

A note on Fastpass+ Booking

Fastpass+ can be booked 60 days in advance for ONSITE guests and 30 days in advance for OFFSITE guests and Annual Passholders.  You can begin booking them at 7am Eastern Time.  The booking dates are included on my Disney Crowd Calendar below.

What attractions will be CLOSED for refurbishment during your trip

Updated frequently as needed.

Disney World and Disneyland Attraction Refurbishments

Special June Events at Walt Disney World

  • No special events

To read the crowd level, follow the DATE at the top!  The best park each day is marked in GREEN.

Lowest Crowds
Low Crowds / Best Park
Moderate Crowds / Median Park
Busy Crowds
Insane Crowds / Worst Park

Weekly view includes all entertainment options, weather and Fastpass/Dining booking dates!

Be sure to print in landscape mode with background image turned on!

If you are viewing on a desktop/laptop, you will see a week at a time with all the full details.  It is printable.  If you are on mobile, it will show in mobile format that will stream down the page.  You must subscribe to Character Locator in order to see Friday/Saturday in Mobile View.

My Crowd Calendar includes park hours, Extra Magic Hours, special entertainment options, 180 Days Dining Window, 60 and 30 Day Fastpass+ Booking Windows!

June 2020 Disney World Crowd Calendar

Historic Disney World Park Hours


  1. Hi, would there be a huge difference between last week in May and first full week in June? I’m wondering if Memorial Day itself has a large impact on the last week in May. We are trying to decide between those two weeks to go. I’ve always used your advice and character locator! TY!

  2. Thank you for this! Single mom navigating with a toddler… this is perfect. Wondering, do you have recommendations for when to go or not to go to the water parks, as far as crowds? We will be there June 8th-14th
    Would we be best to go on the weekend to water parks while the other parks are more crowded?

  3. Thanks for the updated info, Kenny. We’ll be there the from 6/6-6/11. We have Early Morning Magic booked for that Tuesday on the 7th. We read your helpful detailed review of EMM a few weeks ago, do you think Disney has kept the ticket quantity stable for that event or do you think they sold more during the summer season dates?

  4. I’ve really enjoyed reading all your tips on your site. My family is heading there in June but we are so disappointed that MK doesn’t have longer hours. It is getting pretty close to June and I am beginning they will actually not be extended. We were going to take your advice and take an afternoon break but without them being open until midnight, I feel like we are losing a lot of time. Do you think there is still a chance they might extend them?

  5. Hi Kenny, I checked Disney web site and it looks like they canceled EMH on june 5th for HS. Do you know if this happen often? I already made my fast pass reservation for this park… This is disappointing.
    Thanks for your help!

  6. Is evening EMH at Magic Kingdom always 2 hours? If I’m reading the “travel agent” calendar correctly, it shows evening EMH on June 8th as only 1 hour.

  7. I’m looking at the crowd calendar for June 21 – 23 2016 and I’m not understanding how for MK Tuesday can go from Yellow and then Wednesday with Red and then Thursday to Green. How do you know in advance what the crowd could possibly be? Could it really be that drastic of a change from day to day?

    • Yes it can be, but you are looking at Best Park, Median Park, Worst Park. Overall crowd level is at the top. there are better and worst days to visit based on wait times and those correspond to the number of people in the park.

  8. The June hours for the second week at Magic Kingdom are historically much later. Do you think they will be extended closer to time? And possibly another Main Street Electrical parade added? Or was that due to Star Wars Weekends, and since that is no more, the hours are now earlier? Just trying to plan dining reservations. Your website is amazing! Truly the most useful information out there. We are huge character buffs with three young children and you are the only reason our last trip was successful! I have an autistic child and had to plan, and make alternatives, just to make sure things went smoothly. Obviously it went well, I am planning another trip!

    • Yes hours will change from now to June. They always begin low and increase later along with second parades. Glad I can help!

  9. Thank you so much for doing this!! I have been waiting :)
    I was comparing your calendar to wdwprepschool and they are not the same. The EH are off on several days for several parks. Not sure which calendar to go by…..
    I subscribe to your Character Locator too. Love your information

  10. Links for June weeks seem to be going to April instead. Can you fix lease and thank you! Can’t wait for your take on first week of July too!

    • Disneyland will begin to get busy in mid-June but typically is busy on weekends from Spring through Summer too

  11. Looks like a lot of work! I like that you included “gay days” – do you plan on including other high volume events, like cheer championships, pop warner, etc?

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