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Walt Disney World and Disneyland Attraction Refurbishments

Disney World and Disneyland Attraction Refurbishments

Walt Disney World Attraction Refurbishments

***Updated October 19, 2020

 In order to keep their attractions operating at top performance, theme parks must close attractions for a period of time for general maintenance and paint work or to install new features.  It’s a part of the normal operational process.   Many times you’ll find water rides closed during January due to the colder weather and lower demand for the attraction.

These are the dates that the attraction is actually CLOSED to the public.

Animal Kingdom

  • Primeval Whirl – Closed.  Supposed to become “seasonal” attraction.


  • Test Track – January 13, 2020 to February 26, 2020

Hollywood Studios

  • None

Magic Kingdom

  • Walt Disney World Railroad – Closed until unknown for Tron Construction
  • Splash Mountain – January 6, 2020 to February 27, 2020

Blizzard Beach

  • September 8, 2019 – January 4, 2020

Typhoon Lagoon

  • January 5, 2020 – mid-March 2020
Disney’s All-Star Music Resort
Calypso Pool
The Calypso Feature Pool at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort will be closed for refurbishment, but the Piano leisure pool will be available. Additionally, Guests at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort are welcome to use the Feature Pools at either Disney’s All-Star Movies or Disney’s All-Star Sports Resorts. During this time, it is possible that Guests may see or hear construction, but noise should not be heard from Guest rooms between dusk and 9:00am. All dining and merchandise locations will remain in full operation.
Mid-September 2020 – Mid-December 2020
Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
Big Blue Pool
The Big Blue Pool is scheduled to be closed for refurbishment. During this time, other pool and recreation offerings will remain open-including Flippin’ Fins Pool, Cozy Cone Pool and the Schoolyard Sprayground. Noise may be heard while this work is being completed, but noise should not be heard from Guest rooms between dusk and 9:00 AM.
Mid-September 2020 – Mid-December 2020
Disney’s Beach Club Resort
Beaches & Cream Soda Shop Early August through Winter 2019
Disney’s Pop Century Resort
Hippy Dippy Pool
The Hippy Dippy Pool is scheduled to be closed for refurbishment. During this time, Guests can use the Bowling Pool, Computer Pool and the kiddie pool. Also, Movies Under the Stars will be offered in an alternate location. Guests may notice construction noise while this refurbishment is underway, but the noise should not be heard from Guest rooms between dusk and 9:00 AM.
January 2020 – Early Spring 2020
Best Western, Lake Buena Vista
General Construction
Best Western Lake Buena Vista is currently undergoing refurbishments to make exciting updates to the hotel. Work will be limited to the hours between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM during the week and occasionally on weekends. All hotel amenities are available and every precaution is being taken to minimize any disruptions during your stay.
Ongoing until December 2020

Disney Springs

Golf Courses

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
Intermittent overnight lane closures, lane shifts, traffic congestion and noise impacts can be expected along Osceola Parkway / Victory Way.
Ongoing until further notice

Walt Disney World Marathon
Please be aware that several roads may be operating under traffic restrictions or closed completely for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend event on Saturday, January 11 and Sunday, January 12 between 5:00 AM and 9:00 AM.
Disney Princess Half Marathon
Please be aware that several roads may be operating under traffic restrictions or closed completely for the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend event on Sunday, February 23 between 5:00 AM and 9:00 AM.

Disneyland Refurbishments

Disneyland Park
“it’s a small world” Oct. 21 – Nov. 7, 2019
Matterhorn Bobsleds Oct. 21 – Oct. 25, 2019
Mark Twain Riverboat Oct. 28 – Nov. 1, 2019
Matterhorn Bobsleds Oct. 28 – Nov. 1, 2019
Autopia Nov. 4 – 14, 2019
Indiana Jones Adventure Nov. 4 – 7, 2019
Disney California Adventure Park
Red Car Trolley Apr. 1, 2019 – TBD


  1. Another site reported that Peter Pan will be closed *through Feb 2nd* but your site says it will reopen on Feb 2nd. We fly out the 3rd and I plan on rearranging my whole trip in hopes of still catching it! Do you know which date is correct?

  2. Any update on the River Boat? I’m assuming it’s still down. I was hoping it would be back up and the river full by our trip later this month.

  3. Actually, Disney said late Fall 2019… Which I would interpret, as you said, probably late November or early December 2019!

  4. You say Star Wars land opens winter of 2019…pretty sure you mean December and not January when you say winter. Maybe winter of 2019-2020 might be a better way to phrase it?

    • The header for each location tells what is under refurbishment. Splash Mountain is located in Magic Kingdom here and in Disneyland there.

  5. As of right now, Pirates will be closed the entire time of our trip and reopening the day after we leave. Do refurbishments ever end early? It’s my daughter’s favorite ride.

  6. Hi Kenny, you’re the only one so far reporting that splash will close again in January after a 3 month closure this year. It’s not listed on the Disney site. Is this official information? From what source?

  7. A three month closing during those months for Splash is ridiculous, why not wait for the weather to cool before closing the only water ride in MK.

  8. Hey Kenny! Thanks for keeping us up to date! You may want to add the changes being made Coronado Springs to Refurbishments. Thanks!

  9. Just wondering if you know anything about a possible closure/refurbishment at Tony’s Town Square? Can’t get a reservation for our June 3rd-17th 2017 trip. Looks like last date for reservations is April 22nd. Thanks

  10. Just a Heads up, we had FP+ for Dinosaur on 11/1 and it was just changed to Expedition Everest. My guess is the refurbishment is running over. Thoughts?

  11. Regarding Splash Mountain refurb, is it currently closed and reopening on December 7th or closing on December 7th? No other date is listed above. Thanks!

  12. Hello! I’m trying to book a fast pass for Rock n Roller Coaster for 11/11 (since the refurbishment is only supposed to last until 11/9). But the Disney site is still saying that it’s unavailable. Any idea of when it should be opening? If necessary, I can try to switch my days around!

    Also, what are the odds that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will be open between 11/5 and 11/14? This is my first trip in 10 years, and the last time I went I was too scared to try any of the good rides!

    • They could open that FP later, but sometimes they use a day or 2 as a buffer.
      Refurbs can sometimes open a day or 2 early, but not promised.

  13. Any chance you can list in bold or a different color font the latest changes? For example, it shows updated July 11, 2016 (today), but there is no way to identify what changed since the last update

  14. Kenny, I was told the outside of the Haunted Mansion was under construction currently, any idea when this will be completed?

  15. Hi Kenny! Just checking, the Food Court at Port Orleans French Quarter will be closed, not Riverside correct? We are staying at POR 10/1-10/5. Thank you!

  16. Hey Kenny! Thanks for all of the helpful info! I’m Seeing that DINOSAUR’s refurbishment has been extended. Our AK is planned for Oct. 17th. Based on the dates you listed..it looks like its scheduled through Oct. 17th…meaning it won’t re-open until the 18th. Is this correct? Thanks!

  17. I had read at one point that It’s a Small World would be closing for refurbishment on August 22nd, but now can no longer find it on any lists. Do you know if it is going down for a period of time?

  18. Is there a way to know when/if a ride will open as scheduled? Or do you just have to go and see if it’s open when you get to the park if we are there on a day it is supposed to reopen?

  19. Was wondering why there is so much discrepancy in dates for Autopia and Monorail closures- most other sites list these as long term closures. Here’s hoping your dates are the correct ones- my son really wants to ride the Monorail when we visit in October 2016!

  20. Hi Kenny, how accurate is the date of May 27th for the Frozen ride? If that is the date whats the chances of getting to ride with a soft opening on the 20th? thanks!

    • Disney hasn’t announced an opening date yet. Not sure exactly what date it will open. Rides usually soft open a few days before, but not guaranteed.

  21. Hi Kenny, I noticed you have BTM refurbishment at MK dated for 08/08-11/18. Another Disney wedsite I use when planning a trip has the refurbishment listed for 04/04-07/01. I’m curious which one is accurate since I’m planning a trip for September.

  22. Hey Kenny! Do you think Ana and Elsa will definitely be in Epcot by August? I’m also wondering if they may become part of the Akershus Dining. I know that’s a long shot! It would be awesome to not have to waste a fast pass if they’re at the character dining.
    Thanks for all you do. We love the character locator!

  23. Are they removing sully and mike, or do they meet somewhere else? Also, Is there any chance that Duffy might do a meet and greet somewhere else since he’s been permanently replaced at the world showcase?

  24. Hi! If an attraction is currently being refurbished but is scheduled to be open by the time of our visit, how and when will we know so we can fastpass it? Kali River Rapids, to be exact…visit 3/26/16

    • Fp would open 60 days before for on site and 30 days before for off site. Actual dates are listed on my crowd calendars

      • We are unable to fastpass it though because it’s currently being refurbished….but it is supposed to be open when we are there. Just curious if we will have a chance to fastpass it or not

  25. Any additional information regarding the closing of Bay Lake Towers Pool Feb/March 2016? We switched to there from Wilderness Lodge due to the WL construction. Now construction at BLT – feeling cursed :(

  26. I know it is a ways away, but we are planning on being at Epcot June 1st and Soarin’ says it is closed through June 1st. Technically, does that mean it is scheduled to be back June 2nd? I just made my dining reservations, but might want to switch days if that is the case. Thanks and I really appreciate the websites.

  27. Heading to the World early March 2016 & wondering what your gut is telling you for 2 things in particular – Fantasmic (is it going dark or do you think they’ll put dates out soon)? Also,I understand there may be an update to Soarin’ – do you think it will be closed for refurb at that time? Thx for your insight, you’re the best!!

  28. On our last vacation the Bugs Life show in Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom was scheduled to be refurbished. Luckily it was completed two days earlier than posted, and we were able to take it in. So yes, on occasion they are completed early. Also worth noting, the attraction was up and running and even a few cast members working in other areas of the part did not know, so make sure to check at the actual ride, and not just assume that the answer you received was correct.

  29. I keep seeing comments on social media about the “tons of closings” at HS, but your list seems pretty short? Why all the complaining? Am I missing something?

  30. We are going to Disney World on Nov 18-25. Our two boys are BIG Star Wars fans and are excited about the changes. Any news on the opening date of the Launch Bay or if the Jedi Academy will be open? W We’ve heard the Academy will be closed from Oct until Dec.

  31. I’m glad we will be getting the chance to do Space Mountain on Jan 9th before they plan to close it for a few days…that’s a pretty close call though! It’ll be my first time to ride it ever, so I hope they don’t close it earlier than the 11th!

  32. This makes me sad, Space Mountain is a huge part of our trip list and it’s closed the entire duration of our trip now after booking! :( If they schedule the dates they should really plan them further out as we picked dates based on the schedule they had in January.

  33. I recently received a letter regarding the leisure/east pool at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Construction has started and expected until early next year. :(

  34. My son is crushed about space mountain, we had fast passes and we were sent an email saying we had to choose another. Is there a chance that it will open on that last day and we could hopefully get one ride in? Is it a big refurbishment? thanks

  35. Hi Kenny, I can’t seem to read anywhere else (on other websites) that It’s A Small World will be closed in April for refurbishment. Could you check if the dates have changed? Thanks

  36. Do you know how long the walls will be up around the Partner’s statue? It’s iconic to me and something I wanted my boys to see while we are there.

  37. Just reading through this page. Do those dates for monorail closures in September 2015 affect all hotels on resort? We’re planning our first trip. Will kids enjoy Disneyworld as much in September as summer months or is it an older crowd? thanks-

    • There’s ALWAYS tons of kids at WDW. Monorail only serves 3 resorts at the Magic Kingdom. All others have bus and boat service.

  38. Im traveling 4/12-18. Some of the other sites show it’s a small world being closed for refurb in March as you have listed and in April from 4/13-4/17. Would you mind checking on this for me. I really don’t want my kids to miss it.

  39. Hi, I am going to be in Disney from 3/9-3/11. Most of the ride refurbishments I see say that Kali River will be closed the 10th-13th (I’ll be there on the 10th) and Small World for the same dates. But it is allowing me to pick both of those as FastPass+ reservations – does that mean that the dates have changed? Or should I be worried when I get there that I’ve wasted a FP+ on a ride that is closed? Thanks!

  40. Do you know if Cinderella’s Castle for lunch will definitely be back open on the 6th of March? We have reservations there for March 16th but I’m always dubious of refurbishment plans taking longer than they should.

  41. You have noted that Under the Sea refurbishment is thru March5th. The Disney website states it thru the 6th. I was wondering which is correct. Have you heard something? My son and his family’s last day there is the 6th and they really want to ride it

  42. I’m seeing conflicting dates re: FP+ area for MK parades – some say it’s by Town Hall until mid-March, but I read in one of your digest emails Feb. 27th (a wonderful day – my b’day). Am I mixing dates for different things? (WISHES vs. Parade) Thanks.

  43. Here it appears Whispering canyon will be closed during my ADR set for 5/26/15. Is this something they will call/notify me with? Do I cancel ADR?

  44. Is there a location I can look at to find out about parade/show closures? We are traveling in September and I have tried to get FastPass+ for the Electrical Parade and Wishes and both say closed for refurbishment. I was hoping to find a central location for everything that is closed versus stumbling upon things as I try to finalize our plans. Thanks for all that you do!

  45. Hi Kenny!

    It shows the Monster Inc Meet & Greet is closed from Jan 5 2014 to Jan 19 2014. Do you think Mike and Sulley may meet elsewhere?

  46. You have Peter Pan’s flight listed to be closed from Sept 28th through Oct 31st. But another site has that it is closed through Nov 13th. I am hoping yours is correct as my family is traveling for the 1st time to WDW from the 31st through the 11th and our son loves Peter Pan. If you are correct it will be open while we are there, if the other site is correct it will be closed. What are the chances yours are more accurate? (fingers crossed)

  47. Is the Muppetvision set to open on Sept.2 or 3rd? We’re going to be there from Aug.20-Sept.3 & was planning on going to Hollywood Studios on Sept.2….We were there once before in 2010 & it was closed then as well!……so not happy right now!

  48. Does an attraction ever close earlier than expected? I’m so scared that Peter Pan will be closed for our trip beginning Sept 25th. Closing on the 28th, will at least give us 2 days to ride :)

  49. Does Disney usually run on schedule with refurbs or do they usually open them earlier than projected? We are going in 3 weeks and will be there for 7 days…really hoping Disney Junior on stage reopens while we are there! My 3 year old princess loves Doc McStuffins!

  50. Kenny– Any idea if Alice and the White Rabbit will still be meeting in the normal location (or nearby) while the tea cups are being refurbed? Thanks!

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