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Will there be a Long-lost Friends 2.0?


UPDATE:  This list may be partially or completely incorrect and the voting phase may begin pretty soon.

Rumor:  I’ve heard this rumor several times from different sources, so I thought I’d pass it along for discussion.

I’ve heard that Walt Disney World is considering hosting another Limited Time Magic Long-lost Friends.   This time around, the public is supposed to be offered an opportunity to vote on maybe 8 to 12 different characters.  The top characters from the voter’s choices would be the ones made available for meets.  There’s a great deal of speculation that characters might include some of the old Disney Afternoons gang like:

Darkwing & Launchpad McQuack,
Rescue Rangers (Chip n Dale and Gadget)
Talespin (Baloo, Louie and Don Karnage)
Max Goof
Bonkers, Mad Hatter and March Hare
Abu, Genie and Jafar
Gummi Bears ???

I’ve heard that they are considering later in July with a beginning date of voting of perhaps July the 8th, so that would give them a week or two for voting before announcing the characters on a Friday and beginning on a Monday, as they usually do with Limited Time Magic.

CAUTION:  This is just rumor and speculation.  Don’t book a vacation in expectation that this even would take place or that any of these characters would appear.


  1. I want to know why they stopped doing long lost friends weeks people want to see these characters I hope they do more around thanksgiving and Christmas then next year more long lost friends weeks for January at Disney world febuary at Disneyland march at Disney world april at Disneyland june at Disney world july at Disneyland august at Disneyland September at Disney world October at Disney world November at Disney world and Disneyland December Disneyland and Disney world and there should be rotating groups

    • I hope they have all long lost characters don’t care if they have the right actors there gonna have them I want to see characters steamboat willie Oswald ortensia clara cluck clarable cow Horace horsecoller peter pig willie the giant clarice Ludwig von drake three little pigs lil wolf big bad wolf snow white prince charming seven dwarfs the evil queen Pinocchio gepetto jiminy cricket blue fairy Gideon honest john lampwick Stromboli dumbo timothy.q.mouse madame ostritch hyacinth hippo ali gator mushroom the brooms the wizard suzy perla jaq gus gus lady tramaine Anastasia drizelle the prince tweedle dee tweedle dum mr walrus the carpenter Cheshire cat march hare dodo mushroom white rabbit queen of hearts king of hearts wendy smee captain hook tick tock lady tramp si and am aurora prince phillip flora fauna merrywhether maleficent cruella Horace jasper (character heads not cruella) merlin madame mim (character head not merlin) baloo louie mowgli col hathi Thomas o’mally duchess marie berelos and tulose alley cats edgar robin hood little john madi marian lady cluck sherrif of Nottingham prince john Bianca Bernard orville copper todd basil ratigan rabbit owl kanga roo Christopher robin piglet oliver dodger georgette tito sebastain flounder skuttle prince eric max ariel belle beast leumiere cogsworth chip mrs potts gaston genie abu sultan jafar mcleech timon rifiki pumbaa ranger abudon Humphrey Pocahontas meeko john smith governor ratcliffe Quasimodo esmerelda clopin captain pheobus frollo hugo victor Laverne Hercules meg phil iccarus cassandra pain panic hades kit cloudkicker Rebecca Cunningham don karnage gummi bears chip dale gadget montery jack fat cat huey dewey louie uncle scrooge Launchpad beagle boy sailor Donald magica de spell gyro gearloose max goofy (goof troop clothes) p.j. peg pistole pete bonkers d bobcat marsupliam goliath mulan mushu li shang shan yu tarzan terk jane kerchack tarzans stepmom clayton kuzco patcha kronk yzma koda kenai milo kida mole vinny lilo stitch angel experiments pleakley jumbaa captain gantu dr hamsterville jim Hawkins B.E.N john silver home on the range cows dr facillier Louis chicken little abby mallard Kermit mrs piggy reck it ralph vinellope maui lewis robinson Wilbur robinson bowler hat guy mike sulley boo george sanderson Needleman walle handy many jake orange bird dreamfinder figment captain eo characters olaf maui lightning McQueen towmater mr incredible mrs incredible frozone bolt rhino mittens brer rabbit brer fox brer bear remey emile lenguini.

  2. Hi Kenny. I just read your post about a possible Long Lost Friends 2..0, and I hope it’s true. I’ve been into this Disney Character hobby for 8 years now, and I think I have over 150 characters now. I hate I missed the first Long Lost Friends Week, and I hate I missed out on Robin Hood, and some of the other characters I needed. I”d love to see Robin Hood come back again, then maybe Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather to complete my Sleeping Beauty collection, and maybe Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, and a few others. Where can I go to vote on who I’d like to see at Long Lost Friends Week 2.0? Take care Kenny. Jason.

  3. Wow thats great news kenny.I hope they can confirm soon so i can arrange getting off work..I hope everyone votes for super rare characterS like..Hercules and hades or Quasimodo and the hunchback of notre dame gang.Quasi is super rare and my favorite!

  4. I really hope this is true! My husband and I are going July 27 through August 2nd to celebrate our 1year anniversary. We have given up hope of a good limited time magic happening.

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