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Regal Eagle Smokehouse Epcot Review

After months of waiting, the day has finally come! I was over the moon excited about combining my love for BBQ...

Regal Eagle is Offering Mobile Ordering!

With the opening of Regal Eagle Smokehouse today, new details about the restaurant are emerging. Mobile ordering will be available, and find...

Regal Eagle Smokehouse Opens at Epcot TODAY!

Epcot's newest restaurant, Regal Eagle Smokehouse, opens today, and we have a first look at the inside of the restaurant and some...

Opening Date for Regal Eagle and Taste Track Burgers and Fries

Epcot's newest food places, Regal Eagle and Taste Track, have a new opening date! I am optimistic they will open very soon!

Walk-Up Bar Menu Items Revealed for Regal Eagle Smokehouse

While the highly anticipated Regal Eagle Smokehouse has still not opened at Epcot, we have a peek at some more walk-up bar...