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Monday, August 2, 2021
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This Rare Character has been Spotted in Magic Kingdom!

Disney World has found some creative ways to include characters in the visitor experience. Now an elusive character has been spotted...

Meeting Gideon at Epcot

We've been visiting Walt Disney World regularly as a family since 2004.  During that time we've met well over 200 characters, but never had...

Limited Time Magic: Long Lost Friends Week – Pinocchio, Gepetto...

I chose to only meet the Pinocchio group once during my time at Long Lost Friends. While I've met each of these characters...

More evidence that points to Pinocchio’s return coming soon

You may recall that I recently posted that Pinocchio is strongly rumored to return to the Magic Kingdom very soon.  Well, I was poking...

Pinocchio to return to the Magic Kingdom?

There is a strong rumor, that seems to have real merit, that Pinocchio is returning to the Magic Kingdom soon.  It is said that...