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Meeting Gideon at Epcot


Gideon EP 2013 (6)

We’ve been visiting Walt Disney World regularly as a family since 2004.  During that time we’ve met well over 200 characters, but never had the opportunity to meet Gideon.  I thought Gideon might be part of the Long-lost Friends week, but it was just Pinocchio, Gepetto and Jiminy Cricket from that movie.  I was visiting Epcot on the Sunday before Long-lost Friends began to meet the Winter Wonderland characters when I happened upon a training meet at the World Showplace.  The first character I saw was Gideon.  I dashed over to meet him and I was the last person to meet him for that set.

For those who may not be familiar with Gideon, he is the mute sidekick of J. Worthington “Honest John” Foulfellow in the 1940 movie Pinocchio.  Gideon hiccuped three times in the film.

Gideon EP 2013 (5)

Gideon EP 2013 (7)

The next day I visited a few times with each of the Long-lost Friends and decided to head over to Epcot to see if there were any training meet.  Who did I see again?  Gideon!  Too funny.  We’ve met all these characters and stood in thousands of lines, but never met him and I see him two days in a row.  This time he was at the American Adventure gate for another training meet.  I suppose he didn’t feel like he had trained his staff sufficiently the day before and they needed extra training.

Gideon EP 2013 (1) Gideon EP 2013 (2) Gideon EP 2013 (3) Gideon EP 2013 (4)

What rare characters would you like to meet?


  1. Id love to meet Rhino the hamster (bolt) and Mr. Fredrickson (Up) unfortuantly on my previous visits I have missed these characters :(

  2. We got a special treat at Minnie’s Breakfast the last time we went to Disneyland with Gideon and John Worthington Foulfellow both in the restaurant. We went for a late brunch and before they were finished we convinced them to both take a picture with us together (they hadn’t been taking pictures together the whole set).

    I’ll have to look through your site as I don’t yet understand the training aspects and where they occur. Looks like you have a link in the comment above.

    Still waiting to see Hercules and Hunchback characters…

  3. So awesome.. We were at Epcot as well on sunday and caught him walking out from the backstage doors Between America and Italy. Was a nice treat along with Mr. Smeed and the goof family (goofy and max)…

  4. Nice pics kenny,yea i finally met him there when i met you during the marathon week.He seems to be training alot which is nice.It would be great if i can get gideon with foulfellow and stromboli in one shot..cross my fingers hope lost friends week brings out some great sets next time. Hopefully we get a heads up so i can arrange a trip down there.t

  5. I would like to meet Robin Hood – we saw him once years ago, but he was just passing by and we never saw his M&G line. My husband would like Darkwing Duck. Maybe there will be another long lost friends weeks on one of our trips this year! My daughter already got hers…when she was very young, we met Bear in the Big Blue House after his Playhouse Disney show (my BiL is a CM and set it up for her)…she wanted to meet Tutter too, but no such luck! :)

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