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More evidence that points to Pinocchio’s return coming soon



You may recall that I recently posted that Pinocchio is strongly rumored to return to the Magic Kingdom very soon.  Well, I was poking around the new Disney World website and found the page that had this information.  Why the website builder continues to use such random photos with descriptions is strange to me, but the info is clearly there that Pinocchio will soon return to Fantasyland.  Some may say that this is left over info from last year, but this is a totally new website and Pinocchio was retired from Main Street and the map clearly points to his meeting at Pinocchio Village Haus.  The description also describes it as “A charming village NEAR THE WALLS of Cinderella Castle is home to a LITTLE WOODEN BOY.”  The walls didn’t exist when Pinocchio was retired and there’s only one little wooden boy.  Looks like we’ll be seeing Pinocchio soon.


  1. Just FYI – the Merida page says you get to interact with her three bear brothers. So, unless they’re bringing the bears back, not all this info is accurate.

    I don’t doubt your info on Pinocchio, just saying I don’t completely trust everything the new website says.

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